How did you get into motorcycles?

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  1. rc mad

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    May 9, 2006
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    I got bored of riding a pushbike 5 miles each way to and from work :-) a guy at work had a Suzuki ap50 twist and go scooter so I bought that, somehow ended with a ducati st4s and a tdm 850! Not that I'm complaining in the slightest :D Kind if come full circle now tho as I now cycle further than I ever did going to and from work!

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  2. wr37

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    Jan 12, 2007
    New Brunswick, Canada
    We were on vacation in Florida. Dad didn't ride but I bugged him till he broke down and rented a trail 70 on Daytona Beach and let me steer, that was the late 70's. He still doesn't ride but it's all his fault. :thumb Thanks Dad for 35 years of rocks, ruts, and rooster tails.
  3. PlainClothesHippy

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    Jan 19, 2014
    Lancaster County, PA
    My parents forbid it. They said they would not help with school if I bought one. So when I was in college (1980) I waited until they went on a two week vacation and when they came home there was a '75 KZ400 (the blue one) in the garage. Their bluff was called. Unfortunately the bike was lost to a left turn by a Pontiac station wagon. I got 4 stitches. I swore I'd never ride again. Two weeks later my roommate put me on his new Kawi SR650 and I was hooked again. I bought my next bike, a '76 KH400 retired race bike for $600...$300 down, three weeks to make her street legal again, and $300 on delivery. That puppy was a screamer and I wish I still had it, and to this day I can pick out the sound of Kawi triple from blocks away.
  4. SuperdaveOsborn

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    Jan 28, 2014
    My truck broke down and I could not afford the new engine. (ah, the Chevy Luv, the Vega of trucks)

    My dad had a bike in the garage he was not using. I needed to get to work, so I got it running. Two years later I got a job, bought myself a new car and sold the bike. (gave my dad the $250 I got for it)

    Five minutes later, I missed the bike. That's when I knew I was hooked.

    As soon as I could afford it, I got myself another bike.
  5. Mcgee

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    I was working on a dude ranch in Wyoming in 1965 when I was 15. This guy comes up with a 100cc Yamaha twin. Took a month’s wages, 150 bucks, but it was all mine. The horse’s didn’t like it to much, but I rode that bike all over the hills. Have been riding ever since.
  6. DualSportPirate

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Southeast Arkansas
    I got my first bike when I was 4 on Christmas day in 1988. It was a super sweet Suzuki JR 50 and I logged about 100 hours on it before spring hit.

    Dad raced the Blackjack Enduro Circuit back then so I grew up riding in the woods. He always made sure I had a good bike that fit my size and skill until I moved to full size bikes.