How important is it that boots be motorcycle boots?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by ChildlikeWonder, May 3, 2013.

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    Still. Gaaaaahhhh!!:eek1:yikes
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    I wear 'race' boots such as sidi ST and vertigo corsa because they have structures designed to protect my ankles
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    Reading through this thread I think it basically comes down to two camps of views, from people who have had foot injuries or chosen wisely to go with protection before a crash or those folks lucky enough to not have had foot injuries when wearing boots that allow a foot to twist, bend or get crushed in a fall.

    Even the most expensive MC boots made from unobtainium are far cheaper than a ER bill for a simple broken toe or sprained ankle that would have been avoided with protective MC specific boots. Let alone costs of a serious injury or the issues presented when you get hurt far from help or home, sitting there thinking.... I should have bought some good MC boots....
    I've had a few foot injuries, my girl has had one too while riding before we opted for best protection over cost and some comfort. Since switching there's been countless times proper, stiff MC boots have saved us from injury that even a MC specific and comfortable "touring" boot would not have, let alone some leather hiking boots.

    Your choice, maybe you'll go through life wearing standard leather boots without injury just like some of the old HD dudes who don't wear protective helmets, for me, surgeries, crutches and time lost from work is far more important than saving a few bucks or being a little more comfortable while walking.
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    ^This . . .. ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances . . .me, I havn't got enough time to give any up ;-}
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    oh, you can't find boots that fit your width?! cry me a river.

    I wear a 15. There literally are NOT widths in motorcycle boots in size 15.

    sure, wear whatever you want. It's your foot.

    I'll wear ill-fitting (for walking) boots on my motorcycle any day knowing the stress I've put on the boots that I wear from stuff hitting them and bikes falling over.
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    It's not about being uncomfortable to walk it. It's about the simple act of wearing them causing me extreme pain. I have an extra bone in my foot. This bone is pressed very close to the skin in my left foot. The pain of something pushing almost directly against bone is severe. After showing my hiking boots to MSF instructors and experienced riders, I feel ok with wearing them for the time being, and will save up for custom boots.
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    When it comes to "good" foot wear for harsh environments I gauge the quality of the protection with the stiffness level of walking in them. I expect a high level of protection when the boot feels similar to walking in a ski boot. The more flexible the boot, the less it will protect your foot, shins, and ankles from piercing, grinding, twisting, flexing, and crushing. Given that, I still wear a flexible trials boot for trials, a stiff boot for motocross and single track, and an even more flexible road racing boot for track days. A good work boot is somewhere between the trials boot and road racing boot shy the plastic sliders. I wear steel toe red wings to ride and wear to work that also happen to be a qualified safety shoe even though I bought them advertised as a motorcycle boot. I've also used standard hiking boots as everyday riding and walking footwear. ANYTHING boot wise is better than tennis shoes or dress shoes which I see plenty of people wearing when commuting. I guess one point to be made is, there is a reason MotoGP guys don't wear motocross boots and vice versa.

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    I'm normally pretty squirrely about road rash pics, etc. but not on this pic. It just looks so...ridiculous, like a model. :eek1
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    I like to have comfy boots on because I walk trails and look around the places along the way. With a size 14 foot I am limited, the usual mild DS boots don't go that big. I tried touring in MX boots like the flexible Tech 3 and still thought they were too much for all day use on trips.

    So, I usually pavement tour using Sidi on roads or Red Wing lace up riding boots. I wrecked on pavement wearing the Red Wings and they held up better than I expected. The leather did not wear through and I kept wearing the boots another year. A thick leather work boot does off more protection than many so called motorcycle boots. The on roads from Sidi are excellent, but they are hot and really give very little extra protection over my work boots.

    Unless you go with a stiff reinforced motorcycle boot with actual protective value beyond abrasion, there is no advantage over a comfortable well stitched thick leather work boot. Red Wing and others that have US made boots are pretty tough. The cheaper Red Wings from china are not any more protective than running shoes. So, look for a heavy well made work boot. I like the black 9" lace ups from Red Wing. They are water resistant, the full goretex versions are expensive though. I paid $249 for my last pair of Red Wings, but they are comfy and are thick heavy water proof all leather boots. I've tried other brands and they didn't hold up like the Wings.

    But, if you want protection, go with a nice sidi DS boot or such if you have average feet.. BUT, you can't do that if your a big foot... So work boots actually are the only choice for many.
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    I have ridden many years in western boots.
    I still have both feet intact. :D
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    A month ago I was doing some seriously frightening single track with a couple of mates, in the Flinders Ranges.

    I had my almost new AlpineStar Teck 7s on.

    You can see a bit of it here:

    On my third fall I stood up and felt considerable pain in my right foot. I thought, "how can that be" with these bloody great boots on.
    When I got back to camp my 2nd and 3rd toes were turning blue. A day later they were black, but now all is back to normal.

    There wasn't a mark on the boot, but the only thing I can think of is I got my foot jammed between a rock and the right hand foot peg.

    For the impact to pass through the toe of these heavy boots and do the damage it did, has me thinking "what if I only had ordinary single layer leather boots?" I think I might easily have sliced off a couple of toes.

    They might look like a bit of overkill for normal ADV riding, but I think I'll be wearing them more in future.

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    I have ridden in non-motorcycle boots: hiking boots, Matterhorn combat boots (similar to Danners Ft. Lewis)-- they work well for riding, and are more comfortable than moto boots to walk in.

    BUT, I have crashed twice on the street wearing moto boots (a Gaerne sport-touring type boot) --they work great for crashing
    1. 40 mph low-side, right foot was pinned under the bike briefly and the ankle and toe protectors on the boots kept me safe.
    2. Hit at a busy intersection by a clueless cager. Took the bulk of the impact on the shin protector (and the knee pad of my 'stich RC), again with no injuries.

    So, for me yes, moto boots are important.

    If you need a custom boot to accomodate your needs/size...the Vendrammini option seems to be the most protective.

    Another option to consider (since you were asking about custom made in the US boots), perhaps, is getting a pair of Wesco's made to order. Their boots are very beefy (you can get them with toe caps and and double steel shanks) and would only be lacking in ankle protection if you supplemented with some stap-on style shin guards.