How is your RAM cradle for 60csx

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by THUMPER0475, Feb 14, 2013.

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    A buddy claimed his fell off twice, i was there the first time and it wasn't the mounts fault. But, just to be safe, i hooked a safety tether to mine (a piece of heavy ocean fishing leader), well here I am 5500 miles later and no issues. I had the ram Etrex mount for over 35,000 miles and no issues, so I'm pretty happy with mine. Still, the fishing leader is a pretty nice safety tether.
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    Looking through my pics searching for one of Stovebolts and that was the first one that showed his great mount. That pic is actually in Laos along the eastern border in the hills between Vietnam and Lao. No super high elevations in the whole region, its around 3,000 feet.
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    as previously mentioned....
    adding a rubber band and looping the lanyard over a mirror prevents this aggravation.....when offroad....

    simple and effective for a cheap RAM mount cradle....
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    My cradle cracked right below the top attachment point, resulting in the 60csx popping out, dropping behind the handlbars
    and down behind the front tire before I fully realized what was happening. It hit the pavement at about 40 mph. No damage
    to the 60 csx other than a couple scratches. I now have the GPS tie wrapped into what is left of the mount, which is a
    slight pain because I need to remove the mount with the GPS when I take it off.

    The GPS / cradle was mounted on a RAM ball mount on the top bar behind the windshield on my 2008 GSA. I used the
    mount / GPS intermittently for a couple years before the failure and drive mostly on pavement with occasional excursions
    on dirt / gravel roads.