How many hours in the saddle?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by ILikeCheese, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Aug 2, 2009
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    This is such a personal choice kind of thing. It would take a major crisis to get me to ride 500 miles in a day. I ride 225-250 in a day on the road. But I stop alot. Thats why i ride is for the scenery, the food, the worlds biggest ball of string....whatever.
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    Feb 8, 2013
    I'm one of those that loves to ride and loves to see the country -- but has limited vacation time. I live in NE Texas and my long-ish trips generally going west, northwest or northeast. In 2014 I'm going to the Arctic Circle and back by way of Seattle in 20 days -- that's how much time I have. My first 3 days will get me to Alberta and the Icefield Parkway. I'll be on the Alaska Hwy by the end of day 4. There are some 750 mile days in there.
    Once on the Alcan, I'll slow down and cover 300 or so miles per day. On the way home, I'll wick up the pace again once I leave Seattle and I'll do some 500-700 mile days.
    My Tenere's comfortable, I've got gear for all conditions, why not get on the bike early and head out?
    That's my style. i dig it. I've done some 5000 to 7000 mile vacations in 15 to 17 days and had a ball. It's not for everyone.
    Pick YOUR style and pace.
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    My brother and I do 500 mile day trips to Americade or wherever and I'm plenty sick of the highway when I get home. I'm heading out to Montana this summer and plan on doing 500 or so of highway the first day and the kind of wing it on the secondary roads the rest of the way. Not sure how many miles I'll do a day on the backroads but I'll be enjoying myself more. I think the big thing with how many hours in the saddle is you don't want the riding to be a burden or a chore. Most people have time restraints that influence their time they put in the saddle and some people just like to hammer the miles. For this trip I'll have the luxury of meandering out west and ride further some days and lighter others depending on how I feel. 500 miles is a long enough riding day for me.
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    Dont box yourself in with a mileage "to do" per day.

    Plan your trip with a lot of side trips knowing that you wont be able to do them all. If you "fall behind" your itinerary, skip a few side trips so you can be home in time for work.

    Planning the days individually is not my idea of a vacation.
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    Make time for the isht that happens. While we all have different approaches to the trip and miles we intend to cover, best advice I can offer is to build in time for things like the bike won't start, your cylinder hydro-locks and you don't have a spark plug socket, gear falls off the bike, tires go flat, you lose your key while over-indulging in liquid festivities and the list goes on.

    While "the ride is the party" so-to-speak, make sure you have time to relax and enjoy the trip.