How to decide what to take 2up

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    sorry but this is absolutely wrong. Constant and steady hydration will keep you more alert and keep your energy level higher as well.
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    Constant riding will reduce your alertness and sap your energy.

    Stopping every hour or so, to have a drink, a stretch and a look around will make for a much more interesting, enjoyable and safer trip.

    Motorcycle touring should not treated as some kind of an endurance event.
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    The best thing you can do are as many Saturday/Sunday overnighters as possible and you will answer your own needs. Because they WILL be different than ours and you will develop both your kit, your packing, and your habits. So will she.

    As for clothing, we strive for zero cotton. Synthetic clothes take less space, dry much faster, and hold smells less. Get the better stuff, because the cheap stuff feels horrible and makes you look like a beggar. We take no more than 3 sets and try to anticipate temperatures changing. Good rain gear doesn't need to be expensive. Check out Frogg Togs.

    In camping gear, the smaller and lighter stuff is generally the expensive stuff. Don't cheap out or you will be replacing gear.

    Don't forget a good camera, smart phone, and netbook or tablet to put your photos on the cloud, where they can't be lost or stolen.

    Figure that every 3rd or 4th night you are going to want to sleep indoors for a shower, dry bed, and to clean up. Could be a cheap motel or couch surfing, but you'll want the great indoors at about that rate after a while.

    Anything you don't have can be added at stores in any town, so if you don't need something today (excepting rain gear), leave it at home.