How to delete map from Zumo 660

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    Hi all,

    I have a Zumo 660. Last year I was doing some riding off the beaten path and I needed a Topo map so installed the Ibycus Topo map v4 for Canada (eh?). It's now been more than a year so I am getting these ever so helpful messages from my Garmin telling me the map is old and should be updated.

    I just want to remove it but have not been able to find any way to do it either directly using the Zumo itself or via the Map Updater or Basecamp on my Mac. In basecamp I see the map installed but there is no "remove" or "delete" buttons and on Updater it asks what i want to INstall but nothing that I have seen to UNinstall...

    Can anyone direct me how to delete this thing? I have Googled it already but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Good morning Desmodab,

    The "nag" screen about updating your map is a new item that was included in the OS service packs. Its shows up around every 5 bootups but as you can see, is easily passed by.

    Deleting a map is easy. For specific instructions from Garmin, the info is here.

    1. Connect your Zumo to your computer with a compatible USB cable
    2. Click on the Start menu
    3. Double-click on My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Vista or 7)
    4. Double-click on the Garmin Zumo drive
    5. Double-click on the Garmin folder
    6. Locate and delete the file named gmapsupp.img. Note: In some devices, the file is listed as gmapupdate.img
    7. You can delete the .gma files and .unl files too as they are the unlock codes for that specific map.

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    Different question for Zumo 660 users. Will the Zumo 660 follow a track created on basecamp and loaded to it? My Zumo 550 will change some off road parts of the track to a nearby road.
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    Waypoints are your friend. The Zumo will change your route if you don't waypoint it to ensure it can't change it significantly.