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How to fix your LED driving lights

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by magnamark, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. magnamark

    magnamark What the?!!!

    Nov 12, 2010
    The LED driving lights available online are all the same light. You can get them from
    • Sanjoh in the vendor forum
    • Komy Kwan(the cheapest place I've found them)

    When one of these lights recently failed, I decided it might be more interesting to find out why they die, instead of sending it back under warranty.

    After taking the light apart, I found that the thermal paste wasn't evenly applied under one of the LEDs. The slight burn marks along the edge indicate that it overheated and failed 'open', killing the entire light. The paste under the other two looked like peanut butter spread on bread with little care.

    To fix - take the light apart. Info here: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=607184&page=21. When you get down the heat sink, remove the three screws attaching the plastic lens. The LEDs are now free to slide around on the heat sink. Check to make sure the thermal paste is applied thinly and evenly under the entire heat sink. The application should be just enough to fill the voids created by the milling of the heat sink and the LED heat sink - in the thousands of an inch.

    A quick check with a bench power supply confirmed that the other two were still working, by powering each independently.

    I had a Cree XPG from http://superbrightleds.com ($13) sitting in a drawer. I unsoldered the bad one, soldered the good one, put a plastic washer on it to get the height to match the original LEDs.

    Then, I spread out the thermal paste under all of the LEDs and reassembled the light.

    The pictures show the light after replacing the LED. They're running at about 5ma, so you can see they're working. The other picture is back on the bike - I just shot it with my phone.

    All in all, it was probably faster and cheaper than packaging them up and sending them back to the vendor. Now, if I could just find the exact replacement!



    Added photo of repaired light running full power. The single LED centers nicely.
    Shot in full daylight f38 : 1/2000.

    The black ring is a plastic spacer added to match the height of the stock LEDs. The silicon looking ring around the edge is just that. Unfortunately on my final assembly, the glass slipped out and it broke. To silicon is there to seal the edge until I get a glass replacement.

    Happy tinkering.
  2. Cheddarhead

    Cheddarhead Been here awhile

    Sep 18, 2007
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  3. Range Motorsport

    Range Motorsport Junk collector

    Nov 17, 2007
    Da UP Eh!
  4. genka

    genka SUV hater

    Mar 25, 2010
    Baltimore, MD
    Thanks for the links!
    Judging from the full power picture, the single chip Cree is brighter than a 3 chip replacement. What is the power and lumen rating of your Cree LED?
  5. geostrom

    geostrom n00b

    Apr 21, 2012
    sorry that my first post is a complain, but i dont want to let this guy do what ever he wants with unprotected buyers!
    I will Leave the following message in every link that has a review for this seller 24x7 DIY in all over the internet!!
    ...for all of those i am telling i have fotos,video, invoice and receipt!

    I bought a 4 LED 1800Lm Auxiliary Driving Light Pair from a guy in india,
    a seller named 24x7 DIY. I bought his cree led lights directly from his link
    4 LED 1800Lm Auxiliary Driving Light Pair, 24x7 DIY!
    I paid with paypal and after 10-15 days i had them connected on my motorbike!
    After 3 days the lights BURNED and this devious guy blamed me until i showed him
    a video of my connections with measurements by a voltometer as he told me, then he asked me
    to send him back the item cause everything seemed to be ok with my connection,
    giving me the impression that he will take the blame, something that never happened!
    This guy now has taken my money 139$ the light pair and I HAVE NOTHING, only an invoice
    of paypal payment and a receipt from the postal office of the shipping back to India!
    I fell helpless because the dispute that i did to paypal had no effect, they told me
    they will refund me but when i send them the track number they asked me, i get a respone
    "the track number is invalid" the case is closed and they let me unprotected!
    I feel like someone stole my money and someone who promised me secure transaction let me unprotected!

    24x7 DIY is not a seller you can trust!!
  6. geostrom

    geostrom n00b

    Apr 21, 2012
    Here is the receipt of shipping back the lights to india

    Here is the video i send him to see my connections

    here is the paypal invoice

    Here are other guys in other forums that had the same problem with me
    The links:

    And here is this seller on ebay start loosing his feedback!..98,8%!
  7. geostrom

    geostrom n00b

    Apr 21, 2012
  8. cycle3

    cycle3 n00b

    Apr 23, 2012
    I also purchased from ebay store 24x7 diy
    recieved 2 led lights only 1 working.
    We all know that electronics fail from time to time. Thats not such an issue. To me its about customer service and how the supplier/seller acts and helps if something does go wrong.
    ebay store 24x7 diy will not refund & Good luck to anyone who has to go the repair saga with ebay store 24x7diy. I still have the faulty light and will hopefully have it repaired localy soon.
    I will never purchase from 24x7 diy again.
    I hope others learn from my misfortune.
    Want more info - Google 24x7diy
  9. geostrom

    geostrom n00b

    Apr 21, 2012

    Μy case closed in a positive way so this will be my last post concerning this fraud seller 24x7 diy.
    Eventually after all i've been through trying to prove the obvious paypal's research team did their work and made a full refund to my account!

    I hope this will be a lesson for all of us having this kind of problems with bad sellers, persistence, patience and public complaint is our weapon!

    In my country we say "The insistent beats"

    ..good faith to you all!