how to make a 2006 ktm handle

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    Nov 21, 2011
    i have a 250sx with a xc tank and i love the thing almost as much as my 1984 tt600.

    the thing is i expect my tt600 to handle 1984'ish but not my ktm. I know for my weight (100kg or 220lb without gear) i need new spring's (front and rear) and a revalve, but besides that what else can i do to get my bike as close to yz sss suspension as possible.

    I except that i have oc forks and i have knowledge of oc fork disadvantage's.

    please bare in mind that i live in Africa(just above South Africa in Namibia) witch is probably 6000km or 3728mile's from the states.

    so spring wise would 0.48 front and 8.2kg per mm sound rite.

    what do you guys think of edelbrock springs, they are the cheapest i found N$990 or +-120USD for front and N$990 for rear (we get ripedoff in Africa quite a lot:cry).

    my bike
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