How to Mount Top Box

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Gonzoso, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Gonzoso

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    Sep 2, 2012
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    I'm putting a Seahorse 540 case onto a 2012 KLR 650 stock rear cargo rack. The plan it to plan out 4 holes and drill so I can still access the tool kit.

    I will put silicone sealant around the hole as I tighten it up so I can better water proof it. I'm putting panniers on and probably won't haul much weight in this, 10-15 pounds at most I figure, but mostly clothes or rain gear or my lunch pail for work.

    Here is a diagram of my idea for mounting it.

    I was thinking that using a rubber bushing between would help isolate the box from the bikes vibration and shocks offroad, although it will be on road 80-90% of the time I do like to play in the dirt.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or input on how to mount the box? What kind of hardware I should use? I'd like to do it well, but not make it overly complicated. I'm planning on putting it on semi-permanently, maybe use wing nuts instead of hex heads on the end of the fastener inside the box.

    I'm also planning on putting some footman loops on top of the box.
  2. Grinnin

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    Dec 10, 2005
    I have an '01 so I don't know the shape of the underside of your rack plastic.

    I wonder, though, if you couldn't flip that bolt and use a flanged button-head hex (Allen) bolt to keep the inside bottom of your case a little kinder to the contents. I used Tee nuts inside my cases and it's darn flat, but a bit fiddly to install. With big stainless fender washers too.

    I also mounted my top-box directly to my rack plastic. When there was a bit of play it was amplified by the box so it moved far more than the rack's vibration.

    Stainless for everything.
  3. p0diabl0

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    I doubt the rubber bushings are necessary - I have an old Givi E45 that's bolted to my SW Motech rack - no problems, and that plastic is much thinner than a Seahorse case.

    As to the wingnuts I tried that out too then quickly realized I never wanted to take it off.
  4. FlowBee

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    Oct 11, 2004
    When I bolted my Pelican 1500 to the OEM rack on my DR I used large stainless fender washers and rubber fender washers underneath. I slathered the bolt threads (head is inside case) with silicone sealant first and then used locknuts on the other end. Six bolts altogether. Works fine so far. No water inside.

    I agree with p0diabl0 - you probably don't need the rubber bushings. Just use large enough fender washers (eg 20mm or larger) to spread the load on the plastic wall.