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Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by skandero, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I'm planning a trip around the world, and worried about the way, how to transfer my motorcycle from US to europe (that's not a problem to do such thing from RU-Vladivostok to US). Can someone provide me the contacts of the cargo companies, or, maybe, someone has had the experience like this?

    Sincerely, Ivan

    p.s. It's a plan for 2014)
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    Well maybe not, if you´ve got a real thick wallet – I haven´t shipped from Vladivostok myself, but almost every shipping report from there seems to indicate, that it ended up costing like a second mortgage! For example, somebody had sent a bike from Vlad to Bangkok (by sea) not so long ago, and he payed around 2000 euros total. That´s the kind of money you normally pay to send a bike all the way from Europe to Bangkok. BY AIR! (Actually somebody recently sent a bike from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam, also by air, and payed only about 1000 all in). Sure, some places are more expensive than others, and there are many variables at play when shipping, but for me, it still does not make complete sense. I would not pay 2000 euros for seafreight of a single motorcycle to anywhere.

    Freighting South Korea to US could actually be an option worth investigating. (Or if you´ve got a carnet, then maybe Japan to US as well).

    (And sorry, that I didn´t provide much help on your original question.)