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    I thought it was obvious that I was joking about Kansas being all flat..... remember I have ridden with you at Douglass, cool place. Do you remember when I first started riding trials and I rode Novice class in the Central Regionals. While riding my last loop a couple of checkers said 'It looks like we might have a ride off." I didn't know what they were talking about and I just went on my way. It turned out two of us tied for first with a clean day, and to separate first and second we were to have a 'ride off' and I think we rode two or three Amateur sections. I was nervous as hell.....I hadn't ridden stuff that hard yet. It seemed like everyone was all excited and came to watch us rookies make a fool of ourselves. I remember Kelly Echterling came and walked the sections with me to coach me through it. It was a nail bitter, but I pulled out the win. All of this drama for Novice class lol. Good times!

    Here's a pic.... remember me now?


    Steve Eichelberger
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    Steve I was pretty sure it was you, seriously.
    and, as a Kansan, I get that "kansas is flat" all the time, or "where's toto?" :huh,

    I haven't seen you at any events for a few years, but I see you post on FB and all that. figured maybe that would get you back on the bike, lol, Cheers!