Husqvarna 701 Rally build

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    Before I bought H701 I knew there are quite a few companies that offer various fairings to make H701 more appropriate for adventure travelling or even for real rally racing.

    When I ordered H701 2018 model I immediately went deeper in to investigation on all details and tried to learn as much as possible from every fabricating company available on the market. I knew that for most of them there is some waiting time for delivery so I wanted to decide soon and make an order soon, not to wait for the kit for too long.

    After comparison I realised that the only real deal for me design vise is RFR screen look and since I am attending this years Hellas Rally I knew i need to get the best product on the market and not just one of the cheaper ones or ones which towers are not really designed to carry all that heavy rally navigation gear. I need something that can take 50 000 km of abuse without sweat.

    Taking those facts in to account I removed from the equation Rade Garage, Nomad ADV and MST.
    So on my short list ended KIT690(701), Omega and Aurora. But no one from them is offering what I really need. And I don't need full Rally Replica. Those fuel tanks are too big for my needs, the weight is unnecessary high and the bike gets too wide. I was in a difficult position. What to do... what to do...

    Been in contact with the companies, but RFR screens were in back order all over the world. Waiting time can be half year or even more. But there was one company with RFR screens on stock and that company was promising to build a unique bike. No build was done like that before. An ability to get FRF parts, RFR looks which I love, a tower that seems to be bulletproof and designed to carry the weight of full rally navigation. There seemed to be an option to keep the bike light, not too heavy and wide with those big RFR fuel tanks and the design that gives the look of the bike like a complete 701 design and not just some addittional panels next to original radiator shrouds.

    This cought my attention...


    To be continued...

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