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    As many of you know, a combination of job, and other personal troubles, have cause me to get a bit off track in my presuit of my MA. I will take this moment to appologize to all that I have offended in my moments, and fits, of grumpyness.

    I decided to take a year or so and do something different. I am now teaching at Xinyang Normal College in China. I am writing about it here http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&MyToken=76170628-b96c-4e7c-8102-754937eb085f .

    I have yet managed to make it to see the Terra Cotta Army. I intentionaly chose a college that was near that location. I hope to be able to provide plenty of pictures. You are not supposed to take pictures, they would rather sell you theirs, however it is permitted.

    I also hope to be able to find some pieces of armour to photograph. However, they do not seem to have museums as we know them.

    I have gotten a bicycle. I went a step above the regular bikes and one of the teachers bough one of those and riped the pedal out of the crankarm within the first week.

    It is still a single speed, it is geared rather low, I hope it helps smooth out my spining skills. it has a conventional, road type front brake and a tensioning band on a drum, type of arrangement for the rear. It has a welded frame, which is not the standard. The standard arrandement seems to have the top of the rear triangle bolted to the down tube at the seat tensioner. It has a conventional top tube, also not the standard. I am gald I went with this arrangement becaus I have already riden down a set of stairs, unexpectedly, while on my way home in the dark.

    The lock is an odd thing. It is attached to the rear triangle and clamps through the rear tire. There is nothig to stop a person from picking the bike up. However, it has not been stolen yet, I do keep it inside at night.

    I had stopped bicycling several years ago following a bit of an accident that made riding uncomfortable. I am glad to be restarting.

    If I stay over the summer I will probably get a motorcycle. However, I am still learning the traffic patterns and trying to find out what the laws regarding riding a motorcycle here are.
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    I Don't know much about your troubles but it sounds like you've gone out of your way to forget them for a while.
    I was in China this time last year foir a month (my girlfriend speaks fluent Mandarin) on holidays which was a crazy time and all i can say is power to you for riding a bike in that traffic!!:eek1
    At the Terracotta soldiers they don't mind you taking pictures but your not "supposed" to use your flash but none of the Chinese tourists seem to care, the number of people using flashes almost blinded me. :huh
    So are you living in Xian? Unusual city and (hate to say this) probably one of the most polluted cities we went to within China and thats saying a lot! I love how people are sweeping the streets so the dust goes into the air then settles again and the next sweeper comes along and the cycle begins again. Weird and it contributes to a very dusty city.
    Not sure how you will go with buying a bike as my friend that is living in Shanghai (he's been there 3 yrs now) looked into it and he can buy one but rego is as expensive as buying the bike and your not allowed to ride out of the cities as the rego is only for cities (he said foreigners are not allowed to drive outside the city which i thought was weird?)
    Make sure you get to Simatie to see the wall as it is spectacular.

    There really is so much to see there so i look forward to reading about your travels..
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    I have a son teaching in Beijing - says he loves it. Im sure you will do the same. Motorcycle riding, according to him, is a challenge there.