I Just Had To Help My Best Mate

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    Jul 16, 2010
    I have been riding with a buddy of mine for a good 10 years, and in the last 18 months he has had a shocking time (which i wont go into).

    So i thought i would cheer him up and buy him a bike !!

    I know you are thinking "What happend to the one he had e.c.t." but thats not the point.

    So since i had decided to get him a bike, i had a quick squint on ebay and bought him a XTZ660 (1993).

    Its a nice bike and only set me back £700 which was a steal.

    So today i went on the train to get it. And this is where the story gets interesting.

    Got the train from Tamworth and all was going well till i got to Doncaster.

    I managed with the help of some railway officals to get on the wrong train, next stop York !!!

    Then Leeds, as another train was required to get me back on track.

    Then another back from Leeds to get to Pontefract.

    So i left at 9am and got there at 3.30pm, which was not really a great problem as i had chance to finish my book.

    So the guy who was selling the bike, came and got me from the station (what a nice bloke).

    After a very short car ride we were at his garage, and after the cash parted hands i was on my way on the Little XTZ660.

    I had decided to ride back via bolton and the high peak then wind my way to ashbourne and then back to tamworth.

    I had only been riding for about 20 mins when a big grin started to spread across my face.

    What i was amazed at is how frendly the bike is, and how light it is. I am just blown away that i was having loads of fun on a bike with less than 50hp.

    So i continued wth the ride, and just had a complete blast and didnt get over 70 mph once.

    It has reminded me just what bikeing is about.

    Its not about the power or speed, and its not about owning the very latest peice of kit.

    Its about the ride and the freedom, and finding every little lane on the way home (even when its pissing it down) just to get the last bit out of every ride.

    Today, i think i may have found myself. The bit i lost years ago when i bought into all the biker bling.

    I will be enjoying more of the new found me, soon and looking for new adventures to be had.

    Thanks for listening to my waffle.

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    Good on ya, Simon...but ya gotta post pics, man! :D At the very least, post pics of the 660 :lol3

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    I love it when those old, lost feelings of youth come back to you!