"I never saw him officer"

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    My pulsating head light is best safety device I have on my bike other than my brain.people notice you immediately. Who cares if they think you're an emergency vehicle as long as they wake up and see you.
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    I had people stop to yield to my EMS rig, then watched other people plow into them from behind. Many of them were driving too fast to stop even if they HAD been paying attention, or if they had even cared. Some had to have seen my lights from a good ways off, sitting at the edge of the intersection waiting for cross-traffic to stop, yet they still didn't reduce speed.

    Hi-viz and lights work for the drivers that care and are paying at least a little attention. They don't work for many that aren't paying attention and/or don't care. Stay vigilant to avoid THOSE people.
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    I hear you there! Had on the hi-viz yellow Stich going down the interstate (still watching everyone like they are out to get me) and this big as pickup moving fast in the left lane starts to pass me, the next thing I know is his door is coming right at me like I wasn't even there. Next thing I know I am on the shoulder (lucky for me it was an extra wide shoulder) slowing down as fast as I can to get this guy out in front of me where I can keep an eye on him.

    It was one of them wish I had a brick for his window moments... :huh
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    >>My pulsating head light is best safety device I have on my bike other than my brain.people notice you immediately. Who cares if they think you're an emergency vehicle as long as they wake up and see you.<<

    My thoughts as well. To that end, I placed my order with Kisan just yesterday. I've been riding for over 50 years now, but perhaps we think more of our mortality as we get older.
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    I hated to lose my Kisan headlight flasher but it won't work with my new HID front headlight.

    If anyone needs a Kisan flasher with the optional daylight sensor (to turn off at night) let me know. I'll sell it for $50, you pay shipping. It's plug and play just unplug you're headlight plug this into the headlight then re-connect the cable and you're good to go.

    Ron W.

    PM me......
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    Most of us on this adv site, have gone above and beyond that of an average rider to acquire knowledge of riding, equipment, function etc etc. We read article to share/learn from others experience. I'd like to share my opinion of the statement..I never saw him. This is from a Californian point of view (Southern Cal to be specific).

    Drivers these days are F.O.S and rude. They are always in a hurry and don't think twice about cutting each other off. Weather I am on my Street bike/dual sport/Harley or Bicycle, people look DIRECTLY at me..hesitate and then accelerate into a left or right turn right in front of me. Now this is only my opinion and of course there are some cases where they may not see us. But for the most part, I always assume that the driver is going to attempt the most idiotic/stupid move in front of me and I make a plan to avoid them. I trust no one on the freeway and maneuver through traffic on the freeway.

    On that same note, I don't have loud ass pipes, I don't piss people off by doing some squid move or act like a jerk on any of my bikes. I try to be an ambassador for us all, so that maybe they (the cagers) will remember 1 good guy on a motorcycle and will pass a polite move on to the next rider/biker.

    Thanks to the OP for his info. I am going to purchase two back protectors. One for myTourmaster dual sport jacket and one for my Tourmaster Flex. Also gonna check if a modulating head light is good for my HD Ultra Classic.