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    Mar 22, 2002
    So I pull into my driveway with my truck (right behind where all 3
    bikes are parked in my garage), open the garage door so me and my 5 yo daughter can walk in. For some reason I left the truck running and thought it was in park. Started digging around in the console for something, next thing I know my ST1100 is falling over to the left in front of me. I
    still had the truck in drive and took my foot off of the brake, pushed
    the bike right off of the side stand :huh Luckily there's hardly any
    damage. Small scuff on the left saddlebag (hit my lawnmower handle)
    that almost buffed out completely. Couple of scratches on the lower
    gray part of the right bag where I think the edge of truck's front
    license plate hit it. Popped the left mirror housing off, but it's made
    to break away anyway. There's a mark on the truck bumper up high, looks
    like the main point of contact with the bike was the luggage rack.
    Nothing bent or broken. I had a blanket draped over the bike which
    saved some more scratches.
    Could have been a lot worse.
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    There but for the grace of Dog....

    I did that with my car when at a drive-up USPS mailbox. Almost got my hand crushed between the mailbox chute and the inside of the driver's door window frame. (I had opened the door so I could lean out a little more.) This box is poorly placed as it on the outside of a right-curving curb, and people park left side to curb too close to the box, obstructing the approach; sometimes it is hard to get close enough to it to reach.

    I also saw a guy in a drive-thru lane do this while he looked down (maybe to get his money ready). He rear-ended the car inf ront of him but it was a low-speed slow-motion no-damage contact.

    The best one was while I was waiting (in my car) in a line of traffic approaching a tight intersection. A tractor trailer was trying to get around the corner. The drivers in front of me started backing up. I did also. But after the truck was gone, the guy immediately in front of me apparently forgot he was still in reverse. He kept backing up. At first, I did too but after another 50 feet I finally blew the horn.
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    Oct 10, 2008
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    The good news is that it was just the truck and the bike. Your daughter and you are both fine. The rest is just material crap!
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    Feb 25, 2008
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    I did that at age 18:norton - through her garage door while I was kissing her goodnight. She had sneaked out to go out with me - I had to get her back by midnight when her father got home. We didn't get ID'ed at my favorite bar - I got her home just in time. Turned for a quick kiss goodnight, as she had kept me at arms length all night. Forgot to put the car in park. She surprised hell out of me, I turned to get serious, drove the family station wagon through her garage door and into the back of her dad's car - he was home after all!! I just apologized and took his screaming - I was in dread driving home about what my dad would say. He laughed his ass off! My first adventure ride!
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    That is CLASSIC!