If you could do it all over again: R1200GS vs...GSA vs. HP2

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So, if you could do it all over again, which would you buy?

  1. R1200GS

  2. R1200GSA

  3. HP2

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  1. BMW-K

    BMW-K F800GS FTW!

    Nov 11, 2004
    Anaheim, CA
    Ok, let's say you currently own an R1200GS. Further, let's say you can ONLY have one bike (garage space limited, for instance).

    If you could do it all over again, what would you buy?
  2. MagpieGoose

    MagpieGoose StuffThisI'mOff4aRide

    Oct 5, 2006
    Montville Australia
    I have really enjoyed my 40,000kms on the GS, however I think I should have got the GSA! :huh
  3. Don't shoot me!!!

    Don't shoot me!!! Snowflakes are cold...

    May 5, 2006
    My second bike is a Cagiva, i would love to have a HP2 to toy around with.
    But at that price, and a missus that gives me hints about selling the Cag all the time because there isn't space for the car in the garage :(:
    I'd say that the GS/A is the absolut best allround bike money could buy, so offcourse i'd choose the GSA again :thumb
    I'll probably swap my 06 for a 09 next year :nod
  4. SQD8R

    SQD8R Eat squids and be merry

    Jun 16, 2004
    The Village: 75°53'34"W, 45°17'42"N
    I was in this situation. I voted HP2, but.

    I bought my 12GS when I moved to Ottawa and had no local race tracks around where I could ride my sportbike. I did 88,000 km on the GS in 2 years and loved every minute of it. The GS was my departure from sportbikes because having ridden with GS owners I knew it could provide enough thrills without the sportbike negatives of being labelled a squid, insurance premiums, etc.

    Once the HP2 was released I preferred its hardcore approach, more direct rally heritage, simplistic mindset (no luggage, no frills etc.), and optional SM rims. It was slow enough for the street, fast enough for the track and better off-road without losing the GS overall positives.

    The only reason I didn't buy one was the trade in on my GS and the cash outlay required to have an HP2. Eventually I bought one when my 12GS was written off but I can say I'm glad I never traded in for it.

    The HP2 is the only bike in my garage, it's more versatile IMO than my GS because, now with a local track 1 hour away I can do plenty of trackdays, run with the sportbikes on or off the track and do a lot more off-road riding every weekend than I could ever do with my GS. Yes the GS can do all of this, just not as well, not as focused. I don't need the carrying capacity or passenger accomodations of a GS, rarely needed them even when travelling long distances, so I'll always take the lighter, more simplistic or pure approach to a hardcore sport bike or enduro than the one with all the bells and whistles I never need. Bang for the buck in the HP class I find the HP2 the best of the bunch. The MM is awesome but only if you are dedicated road rider, I'm not. The Sport falls in line with the MM but at a significantly higher premium so I really do see the HP2 as a bargain relatively when it comes in near the GS price and is more directly linked to BMW's racing heritage than the other models.

    The GS and GSA are incredible bikes, and if I was in a position where my spouse was a constant ride companion I wouldn't pick another bike. If I could have two bikes I'd have an RT and the HP2 since an RT is more passenger focused. I could certainly see buying another GS, but I will always have the HP2 for the times I want to just get out and do the things I cannot do on a GS. In all likelihood my next purchase will be the new BMW superbike, price dependent of course, which will sit alongside the HP2. If a wife does come along, she can buy the RT. :augie
  5. JayV2

    JayV2 Nada

    Nov 3, 2006
    For a while after buying my HP2, I figured an RT would be the ideal 2nd bike. I really love the dirt roads though, so nowadays I'm thinking a GSA with a good 90/10 tire setup would fit the bill for street duty leaving the HP2 for everything else. The HP2 does so many things so well. It's a hugely versatile bike.
  6. fixinbones

    fixinbones Tarmac Adventurer

    Feb 6, 2005
    New York
    I agree regarding the RT. With the Megamoto I now have my toy for the twisty back roads. I'm not a dirt rider so the dirt worthiness of a GS is kind of a moot point for me. I bought the GS in late 2004 because a hex head R1200R was not available yet. Since getting the MM I've slowly turned my GS into my touring machine with GSA windshield, Jesse Safaris, Ohlins, Remus head pipe, etc. I sat on a GSA last week at the dealer. Yeah the larger tank will give you better wind protection for your legs but will never match an RT. In addition, even though I'm 6'2" it felt substantially heavier and its height will make it more difficult to manuever in slow speed situations compared to my GS. My vote for the next bike to park next to my MM is an RT or maybe a GT with more wind protection and better comfort for the pillion. Just my .02
  7. LostRider

    LostRider Motorcycle Addict

    Feb 7, 2006
    Austin, Texas
    Bigger is not always better... Especially off road. I've been to some tough hard to get places with my GS, some of these places had me thinking why I didn't I buy an HP2. In the end they are 3 bikes, each with their area of specialty and the GS is what fit me better.
  8. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Adventurer

    Aug 21, 2007
    Bought both in the same week HP2 and GSA). Only kept the HP2.
  9. mistercindy

    mistercindy In a state of equilibrium

    Oct 31, 2005
    North Dallas 'burb in a box made of ticky tacky.

    It fits what I do: a 60 mile round trip commute to work on urban highways, and the ocassional 300 to 500 mile day trip.

    The HP2 isn't on my radar. Cool bike, but not for what I do.

    The GSA's bigger tank is certainly attractive, but I don't really need it for several reasons. One, I never ride so far from gas stations that range is a big issue. Secondly, when I'm with somebody or a group, if I don't have the longest range, then somebody certainly has a shorter range so we usually have to fill up before I need to anyway. That, and when I'm alone I like giving my legs a stretch after a couple hundred miles.

    It'd be different if I rode the boonies in Mexico, South America and Alaska, or competed in IBA type events. I guess I'm just a boring adventure rider....:cry
  10. ]I)Money

    ]I)Money D NOT I

    Mar 8, 2006
    Central central.
    HP2. I have a GS, and would buy it over the GSA, due to the weight/bulk. I ride it like I think it's an HP2, anyway. I almost bought a used HP2, but Iraq sort of interfered. Now, I'm getting an 800 when I get back. I am debating on whether to sell the GS, or put a sidcar on it.
  11. w00dy

    w00dy Woody is my dog! Really!

    Feb 15, 2005
    Northern California
    I've been riding my '05 GS and loving every minute of it. Never considered another bike. I feel like, "til death do us part". But I think I already said that like to my wife... I can't do that 2ce in my lifetime. It would feel like polygamy!!!!
    I'm a stand-up, one-bike kinda guy!

    I've had a numerous bikes but since '99 only BMW's:
    "99 RT :D
    '02 K1200rs:D:D
    '05 GS:D:D:D

    In '05 I was set to go for the awesome '05 K1200S and indeed, I was #3 on my local dealer's list the first ones arrived. However, after reading ride reports, it scared me. Too fast, too powerful, too much of everything!

    I've always watched in utter amazement these crazy GS'ers ride like a bandit, blowing away the crotch rocket crowds around corners like there's no tomorrow.

    I decided the R1200GS was my kind of bike. One test ride and I took one home. I've done several longer (for me) trips including from SF to Yellowstone Nat'l Park in 2006.

    However, after lurking and seeing all those BIG BAD GSA's on the "Show Me Your GS" forum, BMW's sponsorship of Long Way 'Round/Down, I fell victim to marketing and started dreaming about the GSA.

    Well, on Tuesday night I dreamt that I was at my local BMW dealer, Marin BMW. It felt sooo real!!!! Furthermore, I dreamt I rode one home. I woke up yesterday morning and it's sitting in my garage! Whoa!!!!!

    So I did get the chance to do it over. Or did I? No, the GS was a fabulous bike and it an integral part and stepping stone to a GSA. I have no regrets.

    Why you may ask? ESA, ASC, Big tank, TPM, Big windshield, Bad-Ass, but the real kicker was the front end felt so planted where my GS was squirrely (?) when riding superslab. Oh, and I always get a new one when the warranty is up. :lol3

    Do I need it? No. Did I have to have it? Yes! Was it the right thing to do? Uh, only time will tell.

    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me...:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
  12. Lottahops

    Lottahops Lottahops

    May 18, 2006
    Viva Las Vegas, Nevada
    I had an 06 GS and about a year and a half later with 11,000 proud miles I traded it in on the 07 GSA. It was the bike I wanted to buy in the first place but didn't want to wait six monnths to get one. Now that I have a GSA I am noticing that my old GS definitely had its good points.
    I am 6' even with 32 in inseam adn the GSA is almost to high for total comfort maneuvering around pushing with legs into and out of parking spots and the such. It is a little more difficult on dirt though I manage. My old GS had all I needed on it minus a great lighting system which was only a good paycheck away.
    Gas can be dealt with, a friend of mine uses the Sherpa tank saddle bags to hold one gallon gas tanks in each side. That 2 extra gallons help in case it is needed. Most cases it is not.
    the less weight and versitility of the reg GS I think out weigh the GSA. I am happy though and will do fine with my GSA, perhaps put the 170 lb Ohlins onto it that fit a reg GS and the height issue is gone with great suspension.

    Live long and ride off road....

  13. BMW-K

    BMW-K F800GS FTW!

    Nov 11, 2004
    Anaheim, CA
    Interesting to read the responses guys! I have a GS, tarted up in all the usual ways (ohlins, BMS Saddle, Zega's, H-B gaurds, Quad Fogs w/ HID's, Givi Screen, Zumo/autocom/xm/radar) and it's one helluva bike. But there ARE those times I keep thinking about weight...and how nice it would be to have something so much lighter and simpler.

    My GS is set for long distance riding and is just a fuel cell away from being Rally capable.

    It's a pipe dream, I'm sure. I know deep down the moment I part with the GS I'll start pining for it again. An HP2 won't be 1000 mile comfortable without a new seat...and that gas tank would need to be enlarged...and then... Yeah.

    I want the HP2...I HAVE the bike I NEED.

    I just need a bigger garage!
  14. Steady

    Steady Flogster

    Sep 5, 2006
    Johannesburg South Africa
    Just did. Had a GSA, great bike, however when I walked into the garage I always seemed to get on the XChallenge, always found myself planning a ride on the smaller bike. Sold the GSA and got the HP2.

    It makes the adrenaline pump. It makes me shit myself a bit. It makes me wanna explore the edge of my limits. It makes me feel ALIVE!!
  15. Bonebag

    Bonebag ADDvrider

    Jan 16, 2006
    Wisconsin..Hot,Cold and everything in Between
    I'd do the same...but if I was buying a new one today..I'd go with the GSA just because I don't like the looks of the newer GS...The only thing the GSA has for me that I like over the GS (besides looks) is the taller saddle:deal
  16. alfaris

    alfaris MOTERO TORERO

    Dec 14, 2003
    Madrid, Spain
    three months ago i traded my GSA for the HP2. Now the HP2 has 4000km on it, mostly used on road with the SM kit. Maybe i´ll mount soon knobbies kit but, i ´ve been riding gravel roads with SM wheels and they work well, i mean on dry staff...

    I also have a CRF450R, so i am not really on need of punishing my HP2 on tight dirt stuff. You can ride HP2 on sand , sure, but CRF.......flies over sand......

    I use HP2 daily for commuting and some mountain roads on weekends, It is much lighter than GSA on every condition. Wind protection is the only bad issue sometimes. HP2 engine is more brutal than GSA´s on any gear.

    Sure HP2 forks dance more on paved roads than GSA telelever. here is the main diference: before i rode the GSA now i PILOT the HP2.
  17. Y E T I

    Y E T I Unpossible

    Apr 26, 2007
    San Diego
    I'd get an HP2 and set it up like Helge Peterson did!! :super :super
  18. kiwiAdventure

    kiwiAdventure Long timer

    Nov 7, 2002
    Auckland New Zealand
    My thought was the same so I had an HP2 and a 1200rt. The main reason I didn't enjoy my 05 1200gs was the gearing sucked for off road. I have now traded both the 06 HP and 05 RT for an 08 adventure and absolutely enjoyed the adventure with the new gear box. I have ordered the new 450x for extreme of road riding. The great thing was with the trade in on both bikes I get the GSA and the 450x for the trade in price.
  19. funhouse

    funhouse Overdue

    May 6, 2007
    Santa Barbara
    Let's see, do I want that Porsche 928 or the Lotus Elise.........make up your mind what you're going to do with it after the 'new' wears off and your buddies quit asking to look at your new bike!!! Bruce

    RICHXHELL Scooterist

    Jul 14, 2004
    North Somerset, UK
    I would have the HP2.

    If I had this time again I would also eat my greens and learn to ride about 20 years earlier.