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    Recently I started a new job. A longer commute, much better pay, and tax return coming in all added up in my head to "time to get my dream bike."
    Right now, I've got a 2005 BV 200, 2007 BV 250, and 1975 Vespa Sprint Veloce 150... Well OK, the Vespa is technically the wife's, but with two toddlers it will be a while until she is riding again. So I figure I can leverage current assets and circumstances into something really special.
    But the more I look, the more I think I'm just going to trick out the 250, and liquidate the other two scoots towards the mortgage.
    Now to provide some history, I have been riding for about 20 years. I've owned a 1980 Honda CMT400, 1994 Yamaha Riva 125, 2004 TN'G Venice 50, 1980 Vespa P200, 1980 Honda Magna 500, 2000 Honda Elite 80, and the three bikes currently in my stable. Between 2006 and 2012 I worked at a Vespa/Triumph/Moto-Guzzi dealership.
    There are bikes I've lusted over, but never owned: Helix, Pacific Coast, Big Ruckus, MP3, X9, Vespa GTV, Morphous, Majesty, NC700X, V7.
    But really looking at how I use my bikes (commuting 30 miles on back roads, state highways and urban congestion each way, and occasional errands) I just can't come up with a better bike than then BV. I thought about moving up to the BV 350, I've ridden it and it is awesome, but I've got sidecases on both of my BVs, and just can't quite let go of that functionality yet.
    I kind of feel like I'm in a scooterist's "if you like piƱa coladas." I don't really need more power, there is nothing that offers better storage than what I have, to get better handling and suspension I'd have to move to motorcycle and lose the convenience of auto trans for the urban part of my commute.
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    I sympathize with the desire for a new moto........but agree, the BV200/250 bikes are ideal for your needs.

    fried okra