Indiana -- Registration of a home made trailer?

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  1. alpiv

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    Dec 1, 2004
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    Looking for info on how to obtain a vin number/title for a home made trailer in Indiana.
    I bought an old home made trailer that hasn't been registered in 20yrs.
    The DMV says I need to obtain a vin plate and a title...
    They handed me a stack of paper work and said some of it is needed and some is not.

    1. Title state form 4409
    2. special Id number state form 12907 for MVIN
    3. Application for assigned HULL Id number form 43725
    They also require pictures and a police inspection (I've already had one done before heading to the dmv..)

    If you have experience with this let me know.
    And as I go through the process I will update ...
  2. oPAULo

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    Nov 21, 2008
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    I did one 15 years ago. I believe I just applied for a vin.
    They gave me a paper, cop looked at the trailer, signed the paper.
    Took that paper back, they mailed me my new VIN#.
    Stamp number on trailer tongue, cop looks at it again and signs off.
    Took that paper back and they mailed me a title.
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    FYI - I did a trailer a few years back and the process was bascially as Opaulo described.