Innovation in Helmet Technology

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    So, it's a good thing wobblers ride cruisers...

    One comment- and this is becoming a theme with me: FMVSS 218, which defines the DOT helmet standard, calls for the antiquated hard shell / Styrofoam liner. You can't build a DOT approved helmet without including those two elements, because that's the definition of 'DOT approved helmet'.

    See also LED turn signals, which can be smaller and yet brighter and more visible than incandescent... but not legal, because FMVSS 108 specifies a minimum amount of "equivalent lens area" of 3.5 square inches, written into law to accomodate crap-tastic motocycle electrical systems.

    The rules are clearly not keeping up with technology; I pray for the day they stop legislating to the current technology and instead legislate the desired effect. Not holding my breath, though.
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    After watching Zach Bell land from 20ft in the air and slamming his head into packed clay in supercross I'm sold on these helmets. He passed all of the concussion tests they ran on him afterward. Of course that was high impact but its shown it can handle both.