Install a gel seat, with video! (klr650)

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    I was tired of ass-numbing slab sections so I looked into reasonably inexpensive fixes: The atv seat cover, sheepskin, changing seating positions etc... I decided to do a more permanent fix. I installed a gel pad in my seat.

    I found one that was 5" wide at the front, 7" wide in the back and 16" long for under $50 on Ebay. It finally came in today and within 45 minutes I had it installed.
    Boys and girls, if I can do this and get reasonable results, anyone can.

    Here's a link to the video I shot of it:


    If it doesn't work I can do a write-up with stills. but basically you cut a grid out the section where you want the pad to go. Test fit the pad and get it in its final placement. Glue down a "smoothing" foam layer over the pad and recover your seat.

    Things I learned through the course of the install:
    -Have all of your gear staged and ready
    -The gel pad is super sticky without a protective film on it (mine came without one)
    -Cut don't tear out the little cubes if you are doing this on a fancy bike.
    -80 grit sandpaper is awesome at shaving down low spots but is messy.
    -3M spray adhesive is extremely sticky so apply the smoothing foam carefully.
    -The pad has settled in more and is already less visible than it was and I haven't even ridden it yet.

    Stupid weather... i
    f it wasn't all thunderstorms, wind, and rain I'd be out testing it right now.[​IMG]

    I'll be sure to get back to you with a review soon to let you know if it's worth the money (assuming it doesn't snow here again in the next week).