Installed: Dirt-Bagz on the Husqvarna TE610

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by DualsportWA, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Thought I would share some experiences. I just ordered the Dirt-Bagz Ranger combo (larger soft panniers, comes with mounting bars, heat shield for exhaust, and flat-top duffel). The challenge here was to accommodate the mounting system from my Moose rack and the Dirt-Bagz mounting bars.

    Here's my summary so far:
    - Pro: Great bang/buck
    - Pro: Love the mounting system - you can install/remove them from the bike in about 10 seconds (bars stay on bike)
    - Pro: Spacious - I opted for the larger "Ranger" set as opposed to the smaller "Scout" set
    - Pro: Very light weight (5 lb for entire system)
    - Pro: Provides reinforcement for subframe (bars that come with it) and includes heat shield for exhaust so bag doesn't melt
    - Pro: Most compact pannier system I've seen (it's really narrow)
    - Pro: Easy top access, side pockets, etc
    - Pro: Flat top duffel (I got special combo) provides extra room
    - Con: Not waterproof (I'm going to pack items in marine ziplock bags and possibly construct a rain cover)
    - Con: Took a while to get the rack and the panniers to mount together (no big deal, had to notch the mounting tabs to provide access for both

    I commuted with them yesterday and today, and WOW- what a feeling to *not* wear a backpack! Very liberating! Also safer since my high-viz jacket is more visible from behind :)

    - Convert rear strap to employ quick release buckle (since it goes through rack)
    - Figure out best way to secure flat-top duffel to rack
    - Rain cover?

    Pictures: (duffel not installed)

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    Nice setup. I have the same bike and Tci rack and am considering the dirt bagz. Can you elaborate on what you had to do to get the racks to work together? Also, did you reinforce your fender brace at all?