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    So i've been looking for a 1" lowering link for my 2000 klr650 that i could afford with my limited motorcycle budget. I came across they have the 1" lowering link for my bike considerably cheaper than others ($23 vs $70 at others). Like i do with most purchases i research. I googled the name of the website and came up with numerous bad reviews on them. None about it being a bad product, but about slow shipping or people not receiving the product at all. Next was the F rating from the BBB. This was a little discouraging because i wasn't sure i wanted to do business with someone I couldnÂ’t trust.
    I decided I was going to email them and ask a few questions. This is the email I sent to them on Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:29 AM:

    I found your website while searching for a lowering link for my 2000 klr650.
    Like i always do before making a purchase from a business i have not done
    business with before i checked your status online with the BBB and googled
    for a review on your business. Your F rating on the BBB and many bad reviews
    from people purchasing your products saying the wait was very long, or they
    didn't receive their product at all has me a little worried.

    So my question to you is i want to purchase the 1" lowering link for a 2000
    kawasaki klr650. Do you have this link in stock? What is your current
    handling time? Approximaly how many days from date of payment would i
    receive my item? What is the warranty?

    Thank you for your time and i'm sure you can see why i am a little nervous
    purchasing from you and have these questions.
    I received an email back the same day about 30 min later. Here is the responce I received.
    Hello Jacob,

    Well, I have had someone else say something about bad reviews. But that same person was calling the local sheriffs department to report me in less that a week after purchase, trying to tell them I was lying to him when I hadn't even spoke to him...... I hadn't looked at the BBB rating. But I see it shows I had a couple disputes, both were resolved to satisfaction as far as I am aware. But that is 2 (that contacted BBB) out of more that 10000 sales over the last 5 years, so, my guess is that I hadn't replied to them with request for details.

    As for people never receiving items, well, I thought I've taken care of all things I am aware of with either re-sending parts or refunds. In fact, I've lost quite a bit over the years to people who file CC disputes on items that showed delivered by USPS. Had one last year bought on a Friday, emailed over the weekend for tracking, I sent it that Monday, sent tracking number, only to find he had filed a CC dispute in the meantime since I hadn't responded over the weekend. Lost $80 on that. The most recent was to Australia, paid through paypal, item was not received, I sent a second, buyer said he received and worked great. But, he filed a dispute in the meantime, which he never closed, I lost money and tried to appeal with paypal, no go. I lost $120 on a $24 part (still hoping for at least a refund from USPS). I asked him if he would kindly pay for the part he received, but never heard back. And that isn't even a scratch of the stuff I've dealt with.

    In the end, yes, I've messed up now and then, and have had times I was down which delayed things..... I've had my faults, but never meant to take from anyone, if that is what they think has happened. But, maybe I should put out reviews on buyers. Truth be known, some can be a massive headache.

    I do NOT blame you for checking. Not a thing wrong with playing it safe. As for that size link for that model, I do not have it on the shelf, but would be able to get it out within a couple days. Suppose if you bought it today, I'd have it out by Saturday, you should have it by Tuesday (I'm assuming you are in the US).

    Well, Hope that helps a bit.


    PS...... my most memorable buyer was a guy that is 7 hours drive away. When I still sold stuff on Ebay. He bought something about 4:30PM one day and right about exactly 16 hours later, he emailed and wanted to know where his items was, this is ridiculous, and then threatened to leave negative feedback on ebay and give bad reviews all over the internet. I tried to explain that he was too late to go out same days and still I would be pressed to get there by then if I drove it there myself. I know for fact this guy left some bad rap online.

    I went out on a limb and placed an order for the links that afternoon on 4/18/13. I received my links in the mail today. 4/22/13. 4 days after I placed my order. Although some may have had bad experiences with this business. I did not. I received my links in a timely manner, they look great and the communication from burkhartcycles was good. Your transaction my be different, but i took a long shot and it paid off. Some may say, well i'll just buy the more expensive product from a more reputible company. I believe that is a good practice, but sometimes your budget is tight. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

    I have had a friend get ripped off by this guy, and others that have had bad transactions with him message me. So if you use him be warned.
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    Aug 7, 2012
    I'm still waiting for my order. I was called a few day's after ordering confirming everything would be black. I've emailed a few times,called numerous times but no response. He's got my money.
    Anyone know Tom?

    Shipping was to be to my NY address......
    Order Number: 30XX
    Date Ordered: Saturday 28 June, 2014

    1 x Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit Mirror Block Offs, Black with "S" Logo (76710PBS)
    = $21.50
    1 x Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit Brake and Clutch reservoir caps,"S" logo (251S2)
    = $34.00
    Sub-Total: $55.50
    United States Postal Service (0.80lbs) (Priority Mail™): $6.35
    Total: $61.85
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    I have a friend that recently had a bad transaction with them also. Not sure if i just caught him on a good day or what. Its been over 6 months and that is un acceptable. i would try to dispute with my card company.
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    I ordered some mirror extenders back in the day, he never shipped so i started a paypal dispute. He sent my money back and gave me the mirror extenders for free.

    Im starting to think he has a medical condition or something.