Introducing: Bill & Jubal's XC-llent Adventure

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    Introducing: Bill & Jubal's XC-llent Adventure

    A new on-line series on

    Greetings everybody! This is the story of two regular guys. We are not paid, we don’t have factory rides, nor are we independently wealthy. Heck, we aren’t even that fast! But that does not mean that we don’t want to live the dream!

    My name is Jubal, and along with my buddy Bill, we are about to embark on an amazing season; we would like you to follow our journey. We will be criss-crossing the country from California to Florida, Arizona to Canada, all while working full-time jobs and paying for everything out of our own pockets. Neither of us are able to miss much work, so we will be leaving after work on Friday and driving all night to get there. After the race on Sunday, we will be driving all night once again to get back to work in time on Monday morning. Who needs sleep anyways?

    Why are we doing this? I am sure we will be asking this same question ourselves over the course of the year, but the driving factor will remain the same - We have a burning desire to chase the dream. Fame, fortune, and factory contracts are not at stake here; it goes deeper than that. Even though we don’t have the tools we need to make it to the highest level, we are still driven to go as far as we can and accomplish as much as possible. Will we accomplish everything we are setting out for this season? Probably not, but when we get old, we will look back at this and be thankful that we gave it a go. We will not look back and think, “I shoulda-coulda-woulda...”

    We have a lot more than just racing to share with you; the race is only part of the adventure. We will do our best to show you the grind during the week, the craziness on the way to the race, and the highs and lows that will come each step of the way. All of this together is what truly makes this undertaking worth chronicling!

    We have a full schedule from coast to coast. You will find us at GNCC, WORCS, enduros, hare scrambles, local races, one-off, can’t-miss events like Colorado 2-Day singletrack and dual sport adventures, and more. Our main focus will be the ISDE Qualifiers in Idaho and Ohio, with the ultimate goal of getting to Italy for the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in the fall.

    Come say hello if you are attending these events! We should be pretty easy to spot. We will be the ones with EVERYTHING crammed into the smallest van you’ve ever seen! Think of the Jode Family from the Grapes of Wrath – Moto Style!

    Our season starts with a trip to Steve Hatch’s house in Arizona. Billy and I will spend a week getting our butts kicked by Steve and his crew for five days in January. We are really excited to see what it is like to spend a week truly eating, sleeping, and breathing dirt bikes! Steve’s “Chiseled Into a Champion” course will hone us in for the Adventures to come.

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