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    EDIT - See the next post for other cool features and Android offline navigation!

    I've been trying to figure out a way I can integrate my iPad in touring, specifically mapping, and I've found a way that does actually give results. Below will give you your routes somewhat plotted on your iPad with detailed maps (road, sat, hybrid, topo etc)... If like me you start out with a plan, but often head down little roads just to see where they head, or would like to pull out a nice detailed map to see if you should head down that road - you'll now have the detailed maps.

    You'll need -
    1. An iPad
    2. Mapsource (actually you probably just need Google Earth)
    3. MotionX-GPS HD on your iPad - its $2 at the moment but is generally around $8
    4. http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/
    5. iTunes
    6. Online access with a few MB - GB of data available to you... probably before you leave is best.

    I'll be talking about Mapsource but because we'll be using GPS Visualizer plenty of other mapping sources could be used like Google Earth (kml files).

    So I'll assume Mapsource is working and you have a nice route plotted. Might be a big one or a small day ride, doesn't matter. In Mapsource save the file, you could at this point simply use iTunes to send it to MotionX but for some reason a heap of waypoints will be lost. So head to GPS Visualizer and upload the file and have it spit out a .gpx file which for some reason gives more waypoints.

    Connect your iPad to iTunes, select the MotionX app and add the .gpx file. Start MotionX on your iPad and it will import the file.

    So now you have a basic route on MotionX. Lets wrap some detailed maps around that for an adventure. Tap the Layers button (left side) and tap Map Downloads. Pick what maps you're after - MotionX Road, Terrain, Bing Road, Satellite or Hybrid.

    Now you'll see the map with your route. Pinch to zoom. You have two options here, select an area or route. Zoom to the correct level and move your route selection tool to cover your route.

    At the top you'll see two slide bars, set min to 3. That's basically how far you can zoom out when offline - it doesn't have much an impact to the data download.

    Slide the max to around 14. The higher the number the greater the detail you can zoom in on, and the greater the data you'll need to download for offline use. 14 is pretty good, and you can test the levels you're after by going back to the map view and pinching, down the bottom right you'll see the zoom level.

    Select download. If it's big I'd recommend you have the iPad connected to power. You can actually go back to and add more download types too but of course you're going to need more storage.

    So the end result - a close (but not 100%) plot of your route, and offline high quality maps of your choice. All for $2 (or $8 ). Hope this help.
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    Jan 12, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    ... and now for full custom route creation and Android offline navigation!

    Custom Routes to MotionX-GPS HD

    Follow these instructions and use Google Maps to create custom routes -http://www.elsewhere.org/journal/gmaptogpx/#

    If you intend to use Mapsource or Basecamp simply create your route and save it as a .gpx file.

    Take your GPX file and create another GPX file using this site – http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/

    Connect your iPad / iPhone to iTunes and load the new GPX file in to MotionX-GPS HD. Done!

    Free offline Android navigation

    Download osmand from the market (free). Set it up with the Australian maps and voice navigation.

    Follow the steps above. Create a folder under osmand on your phone called "tracks" and put the new GPX file in there.

    Start osmand, go to Map, bring up the menu and select Navigation and select GPX. Done!


    Using this I have replaced my Zumo 550 with an old Samsung Galaxy S (had it laying around after an upgrade) and replaced all my paper maps with full offline topo, satellite and street maps thanks to MotionX.