iPhone case to mount on bike

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by soren_dk, Jan 3, 2010.

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    new company making Iphone mounts for phones with cases on them and they are made in the USA

    I have one for the Iphone 4 with the Griffin Survivor case and it holds it very well. They are actually something you could make very easily if you have ever worked with kydex before (which is super easy and cheap). I am going to pick up a sheet of kydex now that I found somewhere locally that I can get it and play around a bit to try and make the perfect holder for me. You can buy a RAM ball for about $4 and a sheet of kydex for about $10 (depending on size) and make your own mount anyway you want.
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    Just took delivery of a BikeConsole case with the bike bracket from RiderMount here in the UK. Looks good and so far everything seems to work on the phone in the case and the bracket is suitably burly for the AT.

    Good service from Colin at RiderMount as well - e-mailed end-of-business on Wednesday explaining that I needed a case for the weekend, he replied that evening, ordered the next morning and it arrived this morning - recommended.
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    I really like the iPhone 4 and TomTom navigation. The combination is far superior to my old Garmin, which is unreliable now, often turning itself off or freezing. But I need a shower/rain waterproof case for the iPhone: Lifeproof and Biologic are the only two I've found that meet this; the Otterbox I currently use as my every day iPhone case does not come close. (I am assuming the ibikeconsole from rider mount.com and the Biologic are the same case.)

    Secondly, I need to connect earphones and maintain waterproofness: Lifeproof works here, but Biologic does not.

    Third on the list is charging while underway: Lifeproof does not allow charging with their bike mount and, even using other mount options, waterproofness is lost, but Biologic does allow waterproof connection of a charger.

    Mounting is also problematic: I currently use a RAM mount to hold my Garmin with a short ball-to-ball extension. This is necessary to get the unit in my line of sight yet not interfering with my view of the bike's instruments and I'll need to do something similar with the iPhone. The Lifeproof mount is not off-the-shelf compatible with a RAM ball, but the Biologic is.

    If I thought I would not have to charge the iPhone while underway - which I suspect I must - then the Lifeproof would be a good choice, but it would still require a lot of messing about (re-manufacturing) to get it positioned conveniently, since there is no off the shelf RAM adaptability for its mount. The Biologic seems like the better compromise currently available. If I thought I could improve the waterproofing of the earphone connection by some simple ad hoc means, that's the way I would go. (Think: a small dob of silicone around the cable and case interface each time I put the phone in the case.) I would be interested in hearing about the earphone plug waterproofness of the Biologic unit from current owners.

    It rains where I live and I often find myself riding in rain, fog, drizzle, etc. I can't risk damaging an iPhone again. (Hey, I've only been in the ocean twice with an iPhone in my pocket - from boats, not bikes, fortuneately - and neither time was I able to recover the use of the phone.)

    So, in summary: Lifeproof if I can make a mount and don't need to charge and Biologic if I can seal the earphone wire conveniently and adequately.
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    They have this at amazon.

    Easy Fit Waterproof Tough Case Motorcycle Mount for iPhone 4S
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    Anyone have a good way to power an iPhone 5 when mounted in a Ram Aqua Box? I don't really care about it being submersible, just trying to keep the rain off. :ear
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    but I've found the Biologic case to work fantastically for my 4s and I believe I've seen them for the 5/5s. Work well with gloves (leather, unlined), allow use of audio out plug & give physical support to the charging cable.

    I've no experience with the Ram Aqua Box, sorry.

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    That link takes me to the eBay homepage.
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    Lifeproof does allow charging with their case on and in the mount. The small hinged door on the LP case works fine for this -- when on and locked in the mount the small charging door is unobstructed by the mount. Even if it is raining it stays dry and the fit is tight enough with the charging cable that water isn't an issue.

    What I did was get a Ram mount and attach it to the LP bike mount (or any of the mounts) and attach that. Works great.
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    This is what I went with for the ktm. Waterproof. Secured by both a heavy ratcheting strap that only loosens via an Allen wrench, and a thumbscrew to keep the phone case from ejecting off of the holder. I can charge while riding so there is no loss of battery function. It integrates beautifully with my helmet via the sena smh10. Only final addition would be to buy a serious map app that had offline map data stored in the phone, like the Tomtom, if I end up doing huge trips.


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