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    Sorry for the noob question. I've been searching for a few hours, reading, trying to gather how i can make this all work.

    I had a garmin Nuvi that was stolen from my car a few months back :pissed. Since then, I've been thinking maybe i need to just replace it, but I wanted to get something that will translate over to my bike as well. I'm frugal, so I'm trying to trace down a cheap solution that uses something I already own, an Iphone4.

    What I'd like:

    • Turn-by-turn GPS

    • Custom maps that can be uploaded for trails

    • CHEAP

    • No/limited data reliability (when out of cell service) - this is a big one, otherwise the Phone idea is pitched

    • Needs to be waterproof/rugged. Mounting to handblebars, car...etc

    • Charging cord can be attached when in mount - understandably will lose waterproofing function, but i can yank the cord and seal it when it starts raining in those events.

    So, I've seen that the Motionx Drive, and MotionX GPS SHOULD do what i want, correct? I can preload maps based on where i know I'll be traveling, and it should not need the data service. (correct me if I'm wrong). It's also cheap :D

    As far as mounting/waterproof, I've looked at the Lifeproof solution, but it seems like when mounted you can't charge it? Does anyone have experience?

    Are there any other solutions out there?
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    (hope this doesn't double post -- ADV is really screwy for me at the moment)

    You won't get all that without a few different apps. The biggest issue I've found is that one app won't let you use turn by turn and GPX uploading/downloading.

    If you want cheap, Motion-X Drive for turn-by-turn stuff (can cache maps offline), Motion-X GPS for offroad and custom GPX use (can download from several map sources for offline use). So they'll work, but no custom maps.

    CoPilot live will let you have offline maps and also saved custom multi-point routes, but you can't really import or export the saved routes. It's also expensive-ish if you don't get it on sale.

    TomTom has a nice option for street riders where you can choose three different levels of curves during routing.

    I have a Lifeproof case and it's great, though bulky and you need to use their adapter for headphones. I've even used it underwater to take photos:

    Under the Flint River by kamikazekyle10, on Flickr

    It will loose waterproofness while charging, as you assumed. I forgot to close the docking connector door on the case one storm and it corroded my dock connector, causing a short and leaving my phone on 24/7. Fixed it with some contact cleaner, dielectric grease, and a bunch of docks/undocks.

    I haven't found a dedicated mount for the Lifeproof case, but using a RAM X-grip mount the docking port -- and thusly tab -- remain accessible. It's also remained secure, though I sometimes have to lock the phone orientation depending on the angle of the mount.
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    The big issues I've found trying to use a phone (apple or android).

    Have to get a waterproof, vibration resistant case. Remember that this is also your ONLY form of communication when traveling so you don't want it not working.

    Phones, even with their awesome displays still suck at daylight readability. Impossible to see going down the road sometimes.

    They don't work with gloves on!!!

    The iPhone also overheats and shuts down pretty quickly in direct sunlight.

    You can buy cheap $20-40 used Nav units all over Craigslist if you just want basic road navigation cheap. Daylight readable, glove friendly displays. Toss a sandwich bag over it in the rain, buy another one when it breaks.:lol3
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    how bout his one?