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    I did my first IB Bun Burner 1500 without realizing I accomplished it. I was advised by few motorcyclists with 20+ years of experience to do about 600 miles a day and call it a quit. On my first long distance motorcycle trip which is from NC to Albuquerque, I woke up at 6am and hit the road with plan to quit when I hit 600 miles. Well, next thing I knew I was in Memphis TN (I left Mocksville, NC at 6am) and it was 1pm (in Arkansas) and I already hit 600 miles so I said to myself why stop? I kept going and end up in Oklahoma 8pm that night so I got a room. 900 miles that day. Next morning I woke up at 5am (6am eastern time in NC) and hit the road. I got to Albuquerque before 4pm local time. That would be 6pm eastern time. Someone on the forum pointed out that I have just done 1,500 miles within 36 hours.

    So you guessed it, I decided to do 1,000 within 24 hours and said to myself if I had about 8-10 hours to spare I would go after the 1,500 miles. I took one full day before the departing date to get plenty of rest, drank plenty of water and avoided any meat in my meal limiting myself to salad and light foods. I bought 8 bottled waters to put inside the cooler (I was doing it in August so it was really hot). I brought a set of nabs. In the morning, I left Albuquerque and rode on I-40 heading east. I would take turn on each fuel break limiting 1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on to a 5 minutes refueling and drink up cold water before getting back on the road. On each 2nd, 4th, 6th, and so on, I would allow myself 20-mins break to refuel, restroom, water and nab break inside to cool myself off before I hit the road. When I was in western TN, I find myself struggling to stay awake and alert, and find it was difficult to see at night. As a solution, I bought 5-hours energy drink and it actually worked only for 2-3 hours so I drink one every time I refuel and it worked best if you have a car traveling equal or faster of your speed and use their headlight to help you see. When sun rise up in the morning, I suddenly didn't have problem staying awake and went on to do 1,530 miles with only 30 minutes to spare. Big mistake as I learned later that foreign motorcycle odometer is usually off by 10% (I didn't own a GPS so I would recommend you having one when doing IB ride!) and total was 1,462 miles in 24 hours! :( If I had kept on for that last 30 minutes, I probably would have got Bun Burner Gold.

    I am planning to attempt 50cc, which is coast to coast in 50 hours or less. This will give me 2nd chance to do 1,500 within 24 hours and you can earn 2 IB in this one trip. As I learned from experienced IB rider, it is best to ride 12-13 hours then sleep for few hours and be up at 5am to ride on the next day repeating the cycle until last 1-2 days then no more sleep and ride hard until you finish.

    Why am I doing this? Because I can! I have a high tolerate for enduring! When I finished TAT last August, I didn't stay in Port Orford, Oregon for more than 2 hours. I quickly got on my bike and left Port Orford, OR at 1pm and arrived at Las Vegas the next day at 7pm (rode through night) so I could check out the Expo. I was tired from the TAT but could endure it.

    Note: I believe you have to first complete the Bun Burner 1500 (1500mi in 36 hours) before you can take on any challenges. If I am correct, this is intended to ensure riders acknowledge the difficult of enduring long distance riding before taking on more difficult challenges.
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    I love to ride LD though I have not yet done any IBA trips.

    I find my pleasure is to ride for 8 hours a day, multiple days - and depending on the type of routes then I get to 500 miles in that time frame or I don't.

    If I were to do the SS I would plan road types that would allow me 500 in 8 hours (Auto Pista in Europe for example) that means I can do 500 miles in 8 hours take an 8 hour break and complete the ride in the final 8 hours. That gives me less than 70 mph for the entire journey and if I exceed that (say average 75) then I get leisurely fuel stops too. Crossing Spain I often do 600+ and even 500 in that time on non-motorway roads - but that is very tiring as you need to be super alert to achieve the speeds necessary to do that. Great roads though. It's amassing how much you sharpen up when you get to a great set of twisties at 400+ mile point after 7 hours in the saddle - great way to end a day LOL.

    One of the things I find myself doing to stay alert is calculating where I am in terms of journey percentages. So I know every 50 miles is 10% of my daily target, and I can break it down from there. Some times I am converting kilometers to miles too so it's s pretty active thought process whilst staying safe too, :D Getting the calcs down to multiples of 3 miles as a percentage definately keeps you thinking :norton
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    How many toliet seats can you wear around your neck while traveling x miles on a motorcycle on public roads within x time frame?

    This is still to be answered....

    I assume toilet seats come in different constructions and weights. So, a ruling would be needed.
    May the best toilet seat wearer win...and receive an official printed certificate.
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    I'm local to you (wallkill) and enjoy the long rides also. I am planning a BBG next June if you are interested.. I train by just riding, 29K YTD thanks to the mild winter and gerbings. Ken
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    Its all great to have bragging rights and the silly little certificate,...........but honestly, ALCANRider has said, ride till your tired and enjoy it.......

    I personnally was all wound up all the documentation for my ride in 2011. I kept the journal, every flippin gas receipt, mileage written down with faith at every stop. I did all I needed for the Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Challenge. I did Key West to Prudhoe Bay and back to Key West, 14,866 miles in 34 days.....guess what? All the shit for the IBA is still sitting on my dresser. I know in my head that I did it.......don't need a certificate that you actually have to pay for to get. What I do have the is the look of amazement from so many people when I tell them about my ride, alone, and then the pleasure of seeing on intent they are on hearing of the trip and the adventure. I didn't even finish the RR because I got myself so wrapped up in it during the first part of the trip, that after I just didn't care about it. I have the pics and the memories.............

    Do the IB, get your certificate if you must....but ride the damn bike and enjoy it!!! One day I might actually send the stuff in, and the reason why.....when I am dead and gone, my kids will have something to show their kids that they can do anything they set their mind to.

    sorry for the soapbox.........really.......