Is a used 2004 K1200GT serious bang for the buck, or what?

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by Donster, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Dec 27, 2008
    A couple additional comments on th 04 KGT and KRS. The bike has good adjustability on the ergos: 2 seat positions, 2 footpeg positions and several bar positions. Anyone 5'10" or taller seems to be fine, but there are always exceptions. Excellent wind management without overdoing it or making you look through plastic. Super smooth engine that will cruise at any speed you care to (dare to) go. Heavy but not offensive. Tires make a big difference to feel. Continental Road Attack gives the front end nice responsive turn in. Michelin Pilot Road 2 makes the bike feel a little dead, but great on the interstate and great in the rain. I did a wet track day on the Road Attacks and had front-end understeer (push), which I have never experienced on a sport bike. I assume this is characteristic of long wheelbase and weight, but I have heard stories if guys losing the front-end in very sprited riding so remember that the brick era K12 is not a GSX-R.

    Great 2-up. M/C of choice for a 2-up day trip. Transcontinental comfort and capacity solo.

    Maintenance can be expensive: $300 for an annual brake flush. The other stuff you can do at home. There was a fed recall on the fuel tank quick connectors, and several people recommend swapping the plastic connectors for the metal ones. Some people report oil seal leaks between the engine and the gearbox. When this happens the clutch gets wet and starts to slip. After a few hundred miles, you wont be able to go up a steep hill. An extended warranty that covers this repair might be a smart buy.

    For $7-$9k, I can't think of a better way to spend a bike budget. These bikes still feel brand new at 20k miles. Add Wilbers shocks, and maybe some lighting and you have a fantastic sport tourer. I know of several guys who have gone to the new generation K1200GT or S, but refused to part with the brick, because the bike is too good to give away for the price they fetch.

    Final thought. Don't dink with any aftermarket GPS mounting solutions. Go to the dealer and ask for the factory mount. It is $35. It is a beautifully designed water jet cut peice of stainless that fits precisely on top of the triple tree and possitions your Zumo (or whatever) perfectly. Easy switched power is available at the parking light in the headlight shell.

    Hope you go ahead with the purchase!
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    If you've got the money check out your dealer for new K12GTs already on the floor.

    Morton's, near me, was trying to get rid of them for $17 and change.

    That's a good 4-5K discount.
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    I just don't understand it when I see a k bike with a sofa seat and enormous windshield. I would have kept my goldwing if I had such preferences. I ride my 01 with windshield as low as it goes and only flip it up in the rain so the air will keep my faceshield clear. The hardish stock seat is great for moving weight between pegs and doesn't pinch the butt. I went to the krs because it felt more like a motorcycle to me but still had the ergos from simple rider adjustable seat, pegs and windshield ... Besides it is tons of fun to ride. If one prefers more comforts than these then I wonder if the RT is really the bike your looking for.

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    you don't happen to have a part number for that, do you? I'd be highly interested in it.
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    Daily driver and excellent all-around bike. Installed bar-bax and a taller windshield which makes a lot of difference in comfort. The bar extension relieved the race crouch.
    It's kinda big and heavy, but comfortable and a great item for long distance rides. I have a Guzzi, an R1100rt and the K1200gt. I find this the most practical of all. Heated seat, grips, cruise control and adj windshield make for a great all around ride.
    Tires are something you need to watch, can eat the front tire (cupping) in 6k if you are not careful. Rears only last about 5-6K with myself and cloths for a couple day trip plus rain gear and a few extra tools. Front and rear wheel are offset by an inch which you can't see but it is weird. If you can get one for a good price you can keep the thing for a long time and be happy.
    The handling is a bit slow but you can really make time if you know how to ride I have had more than one sport bike rider be surprised finding me still on his tail in the turns. Sure they can leave you behind if they want but you'll still be riding when they stop to unbend. Stick with the Metz or Conti's for tires good grip and feedback:freaky
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    Used K bikes are very good value. I had one once, I hope to get one back again.

    Some people have been saying that they are slow into the corners. I remember chasing a Duc 999 up a canyon, back when they first came out. I had my K1200RS. I was on his fender all the way up. We pushed both bikes pretty hard.

    K bikes can be slow into the corners if the suspension isn't set correctly. If you are a bigger guy you will need to add more preload in the rear. If the bike rides to much on the rear it will refuse to corner. Get it balanced and it will preform well.
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    I'm considering selling my '04 KGT. I have a lot of options including Ohlins. Would that effect the price much?
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    They do add value but you still gotta market your bike so it sells. If you add retail price to your sale and now a K1200 is $8K instead of $6K, you might have a hard time selling it. The best idea is to add a bit to the price but keep it in the ball park (say about $500 more than the mean selling price in your area).

    Use the accessories as incentives for buyers, instead of an extra cost and the bike will sell quicker.