Is there a way to clean/service oil injection pumps? Suzuki CCI...

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    Bike is a 1980 TS185. I'm going through it to make sure it will be reliable. The oil that was in the tank was old as the I want to clean the oil pump. Is there any way to do that? What do I use? Degreaser? Will gasoline eat the gaskets?

    Also, when I twist the throttle to full...the mark on the oil pump lever moves quite a bit past the mark on the pump itself. Does that mean it's getting an excessive amount of oil (which I'd almost prefer, I can deal with fouled plugs)...or does it choke the oil off?

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    I used to adjust mine past the mark like yours is. Never had any plug problems. Just drain and refill the tank.
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    I owned a '71 Suzuki TS90. From what I recall there was a mark on the carb's throttle slide that you aligned with the upper edge of the carb's venturi that should co-incide with the mark on the CCI pump's volume control lever. Take care about reducing the pump cable throw, as these were setup for the factory with a pretty lean oil pump volume, because the specially shielded main bearings on the crankshaft get their own supply of oil, which helps reduce the amount of oil burned in the cylinder.

    Generally, and unless the bike was stored for years outside in the weather with the oil tank uncapped, you should not need to do anything to the CCI pump and system except put fresh oil on the injection tank, be sure to 'bleed' the old oil out of the supply line after changing the oil. in the supply tank. It's also good practice to check the hard plastic oil lines feeding the reedbox and main bearings from the pump, for cracks or leaks, which might mean further side case digging around.

    Try and get a Suzuki shop manual for your year bike before changing this critical adjustment.

    The difference in age between your bike and mine may mean this information is not as accurate, but I do think that Suzuki kept the basic CCI oil injection arrangement through the years. My little 90 was amazingly frugal with it's injection oil, way more so than my 1970 Yamaha L5T-A was.
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