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    So talking with a riding buddy about a trip in 2015 to see the TT races. Looking for general info from those who may have been there, advice, pointers, etc.
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    I haven't been there yet, but also plan to go in 2015 (Mad Sunday through the end of the race). It sounds like most reservations need to be in place around the time of the 2014 race.

    There are options for hotels, bed & breakfasts, private homes, and camping. One guy runs a tour, making all the arrangements for camping/food/ferry ( ). That seems to be the cheapest option, and I hear the campground gets a bit rowdy. :evil

    We will be taking 2-3 women folk, so it looks like we'll be sleeping indoors, unless we want to sleep outdoors for the following month. :lol3
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    Went to the 2011 race with a couple friends and it was a blast! Stayed one week at a house we rented, and then a couple nights camping since we were only doing 11 days instead of the full fortnight. I posted a few pictures and a partial writeup on another website:

    Rental houses are called "self catered" and can be found on the Isle's tourism website.
    We booked 10 months in advance but even then it was getting tight finding a place. We plan to have the 2014 house booked before the 2013 race ends.
    And of course you'll want to read through the official TT forums too:

    Campsites are available in a lot of areas, not just the main ones you see advertised. But the main ones can provide the tent and all the camping gear and it's already set up for you.
    If you have your own camping gear the options really open up. We camped a few nights at a pub in their beer garden they were starting to develop -- they mowed the knee-high grass the afternoon we arrived -- and it was free if we spent a few pounds at the pub. This pub also had rooms to rent upstairs, with a common bathroom, sort of like dorm living. Great food in the pub too.

    People also wild camp in out of the way areas, and if you're respectful then it doesn't appear to be an issue. We saw a few tents near some of the beaches and again hidden off the side of some green lane areas. Out of sight, out of mind, is a great camping motto.

    For the house we stayed near Ramsey and loved it. Might stay in the south next time just for kicks. Rode the entire island and getting around on bikes is super easy compared to a car, and almost a necessity when changing viewing locations. The course is shut down during practice and race events, there's no driving across it but it's easy to use roads that parallel the course. We'd normally hit three to five locations during a race.

    The people you meet are just fantastic, both tourists and locals. We spent one race with a resident couple (perhaps 80 years old) viewing from their driveway, and we met them after after stopping to see his vintage Mercedes. Never met a rude person that trip, but we were there mainly during practice week when crowds are lighter, and we stayed off the Douglas boardwalk during the evenings. If we'd stayed in Douglas then we'd have been down on the waterfront to see the show, and the low cost beer! :freaky

    Bike rental is difficult on the Isle, and so far only one company I'm aware of has managed to solve the restrictions.
    For our trip we rented from Superbikes in London and drove up to Liverpool and caught the ferry across to the Isle with a KTM 990 Adventure, Honda VFR 800 and BMW R1200GS Adventure. Price was lower given what we did, but nearly break even if you consider the extra time and cost of riding across England. For a single week or less I'd fly into Manx and rent from Griffiths, but for longer periods would consider renting off-island and taking the ferry over from England, Ireland etc.

    I ordered and highly recommend an Ordnance Survey (OS) Landranger map #95 for the Isle of Man to help with planning and during daily rides. This map has dirt tracks and former trainbeds shown, so you can take shortcuts and reach certain areas easier than following a highway map. Found it on since the US site didn't carry it. Not sure how well GPS works since we didn't have one.

    Best of luck!
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    Excellent write up carrot...The wife and I rented a couple of 800 BMWs out of Dublin Ireland ...Paul Rawlins at Celtic Riders.. took the Steam Packet ferry to Douglas IOM....We were lucky enough to be able to rent a house on the circuit at Kirkmichael 10 feet from the track! and the M/C museum was right across the street...It is an experience All riders should have... The rental bookings were made a year before and it can be quite difficult to find accommodation during and around race week... Good's insane!...
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    This is on my list...probably 2015+