Israel - one day on gravel GN250

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  1. jossepho

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Hello guys, my first post here.
    My name is Joseph, I'm from Israel and riding on a SUZUKI GN250.
    the Israeli weather is very comfortable this time of year, it's still a bit hot but not too much.
    I've finished my shift at work, around 02:00, went home set down and watched some TV, soddenly i feel a crave for the road and some alone time with my GF.
    It's almost 03:30, I'm heading out to get her from work, as she set down in the back, i asked her to come on a quick sunrise trip.
    "Yes, yes yes" she jumps up and down like a little girl. I'm smiling in the front - thinking to myself it's so fun to have a partner like mine. :1drink
    we head home to organize a little bag with watter and some money for fuel, we also had a certificate for breakfast on a verity of restaurants, we took it and she was trusted with the job of finding a rout for the trip.
    in the meantime i went down to fix my back light that has decided to be on for eternity.
    15 minutes later, we are checking out the maps together. she's showing me the options and I'm looking at the maps to figure out which way to ride.
    at last, the time is 5:45 and were leaving the house. :D
    The goal is to enter the gravel next to "Givat Nili" that's a small farmers settlement not far from Caesarea - the old port city built by Herod The Great. and go back to the paved road at kibbutz Gilad.
    The sun is almost up by now, but who cares? we're out riding.
    the road just fly by as we move from Tel-Aviv to the destination which is a bit to the north to an area called "Ha-Sharon". i won't write here the name of the roads, but if you want to know you can contact me for details.
    The morning air is a bit cool and we feel very comfortable with the protective gear, it's not to hot yet. the road is not so intresting for now, it is empty, we're quite surprised because there should be some traffic at this time.
    just before the last turn we stop at the site of a winery, we go to pick a few grapes, we eat, smoke a cigarette as we are spiting the grape skin and talking about this and that.
    We go back on the road as she's navigating as with Google maps to the end of the asphalt and beginning of the gravel.

    checking the map just before going on the gravel (to the right)

    About 30 sec' into the gravel and a site of a small pomegranate forest, it's the season and the are all red, we stop to taste and take a picture


    We keep on the gravel road until behind a curve we see a herd of cows out in the open.

    there is no fence between as and the cows so i wish to go on - not knowing how the cows will respond to the motorcycle noise. my girlfriend insist that we stop and pet the cows, she compromises on a picture.


    Back on the road we see a small turn, we decide to take it, we find ourselves in an avocado grove, the avocado is stone hard but it's fun to see with your own eyes where it's coming from to the supermarket.


    We hang around a little bit and head back to our gravel road, so far we've been riding on a trail with no open view, but now just as we leave the avocado trees brown shaved hills on the right hand side, and a partly forested valley on the left.

    unfortunately we didn't stop to take a picture but trust me, it was astounding.

    All along the heat was fine, not to heavy but the time is almost 10:00 and in the summer at this time you begin to feel it.

    we decide to wrap it up and go it, and we are using a small shortcut we find on Google maps shortly after that we meet the asphalt again, it's a beautiful curvy road with new asphalt, the kind that makes you seat at closer to the fuel tank and sharpens your senses.


    just as she sees the road my girlfriend says to me "oh, your going to love this road" and i did, but since i have not slept yet, i take it easy and i enjoy the fresh air, the tight curves takes as to Caesarea there by the water we have a nice breakfast.

    back in Tel-Aviv by 12:00

    All and All -

    230 KM (abut 145 miles)

    6 hours with a lot off breaks and stops for fun and pic's.

    would love to read your comments.

  2. c881

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    Oct 25, 2007
    Nes Ziyona, Israel
    Your girl sure love the rides.
    the GN also.
    Keep on riding.
  3. aldntn

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Nashville TN
    Spontaneous exploring rides are great.
  4. Sevoman

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    Jan 31, 2006
    Indian Shores, Fl.
    Excellent job on your first report. Glad you posted pictures, too.

    Ride Safe.

  5. jossepho

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Thank you all.
    i hope to bring more reports in the near future, with pic's of course.
  6. gvthnks

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    yeah, great first RR. Look forward to more in the future. I've been to Israel 2 times for a total of about 35 days. I can't wait until next time. Thanks
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    Apr 10, 2008
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    Very cool... Nice to see a GN250 being put to good use... Took mine for a joint to the California coast this spring... Good clean, fun little bikes!