Issues with and the Scala Rider G9

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by kma_jg, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Melbourne, VIC
    I have a lot of things (bad) to say about these two products right now, but out of politeness, I won't express all of them.

    Bought the Scala Rider G9 power set from in October. It took about three weeks to arrive in Melbourne. Not great.
    Then I used the G9 for almost a week before one of the units began with its issues. Cardo couldn't help, shipped it back to Italy ($70 on me for that). When it arrived there, I had to explain everything what was wrong twice. It took them three weeks to get a replacement unit which is freakin' absurd. How long does it take to see it is farked...

    I used the double sided tape to mount it on the side of the helmet and because I had to ship everything back (not just the suspect unit) I had to take the mounts off as well. Double sided tape can't be reused again. Was told that they would replace those. They didn't and now I have to go out and find that stuff somewhere to use.

    Trying to connect the "new" unit to my PC via this "Updater" and the Community webpage and it is not recognized. Tried everything. NO luck getting the unit added to my profile.

    Warning: The customer service from sucks. They do not reply to your emails. Takes ages to do anything with the faulty stuff and now the unit that got replaced is giving issues already.

    Maybe somebody had beter experiece, but I am not a happy camper.

    On the G9: Biggest POS I could ever buy. Radio reception is better than the old Q2, but half of the stations have noise on them from interference. I think by increasing the reception, they are too sensitive for other interference.
    The Voice commands/recognitions sucks as well. It doesn't recognize you speak unless you scream. Sound quality/loudness is not too bad. Voice instructions via Bluetooth GPS is also bad and delayed.

    Rant over.
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    Jan 3, 2013
    Dear Johan,
    usually not we take part in the discussions that concern us, both in case positive or negative, but in this case
    does not seem correct what you are saying.

    After your order we sent immediately the first G9 Powerset, you ordered it the 6th of November and we sent it the same day, this is your FedEx tracking: 794008708596.

    We think the cause of all your problem is you.
    You have changed the system with wrong settings that compromised the firmware, and you have given the same name to both devices that's not that is not allowed causing a problem.
    However we told you to return the box (nobody told you to send back the adhesive bases that could have been used more, enough to unscrew the audio kit), you have to understand that shipment from Australia is very expensive and we can't charge it, but we would have supported spending return shipping.

    Now it's very strange that 2 times you get a defective device and as we told you we think the problem was caused by you.

    Still wanting to solve the problem we can give you a full refund, return shipping will be your responsibility.

    Filippo Quadrelli -