It only takes a spark, to get a fire going (Southeast Region)

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    Dear ADV Riders, in my Region!!

    I posted this message a few days ago, in the Rockies Regions, as that is where my brother was an avid member. So, I am posting this here too, as once I get my feet off the ground and the wheels spinning, I will become a multiregion member. I just wanted to introduce myself, meet some of the FF in the Southeast Region, and get your advice on the way to best learn a new skill.

    Thanks and Hugs!!


    Hi Ya Adv Riders!! :clap

    Well, it has been 6 weeks and 3 days since my brother, Woodsman, died by suicide. As I have been reading posts and such, I have come to realize that one reason Robert loved to ride was to see all the beauty, that can't been seen from a car window!! :rofl

    If I knew how to post the video that Geek did when he asked Rob what he was looking at and he said "Beauty", I would post it here. Remember, it only takes a spark to get a fire going. :kumbaya

    I have seen Tweetie's homepage and the awesome pictures she has taken from her hiking adventures. The only problem with hiking, is that I have a herniated disk and I can't handle that type of physical adventure.

    But, I can ride a bike, or at least one of those kind of bikes that has two wheels and does not require an oil change!!! :thumb

    Can you all imagine the smile on Rob's face, if his big sister, ummmmmmm SistaWoods, took up "his thing"?? Would it not be a blast to be able to go riding with Woodsboy and Woodsyoungest - and enjoy an activity together that their father loved?? (That is, once they are old enough and I am skilled enough)......

    Well, here is what I need... some advice from the AdvRiders. I have not a clue what kind of bike to look for, what kind of protective gear I would need, or even where it the hell to purchase stuff. I also don't know any of the FF (I think that is the term you all use) that are down in my geographic area.

    You have to remember, growing up, we were not allowed to ride motorcycles... being children of a doctor, we always heard this rationale for "risky" activities: "They can fix your bones, but they can't fix your brain." To prove that fact, see the report on FlyGirl. I am so glad she was not hurt any worse than she was!

    I am at the point of gathering information, kind of like a sponge. I have to gather information and process it. I am a very detail orientated person, so I may need to know why one bike is better or worse than another bike. I can't put a time frame on when I might just take my first cycle ride - it won't be tomorrow, cause I don't even own a bike, FFS!

    I need to keep in mind, that I have to go as easy on my back as I can. So, I can't have any bikes that will jerk the hell out of my back.

    Any suggestions from the "Peanut Gallery"?????

    Thanks, Guys and Gals!

    Pengy or SistaWoods

    PS - We saw the boys the weekend of my brother's memorial service. They were doing great! I just wish Boulder was not so far from NC. I also reached out to Katie's mother on Mother's Day. I felt compelled to call her and I did! I thank God that her family does not blame or hold my family responsible for the actions of my brother. He was very, very mentally ill. (Hind sight is ALWAYS 20/20) Did you all know that untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide? I have learned a lot, in a short amount of time and intend on learning much more!!
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    So sorry to hear about your brother and sister in law. I can't imagine what thats like, but I bet you're brother is so happy to see you hanging with us FF's. What kind of bike do you want? i.e. what kind of riding are you interested in? there is a lot of good used gear out there and here at advrider for us ladies. maybe to save some bucks till you figure out which direction you will go with riding. If you can start looking around at dealers in your area, they may have a demo day so you could ride a few bikes and see what you like. Take the MSF BRC course, and keep taking classes. there are lots of advanced classes out there that really help us out a lot. if you'll be heading back to CO anytime soon, there is the AMA's women's conference aug 19th in keystone. check this out
    You're in good hands here, but remember, a lot of the shit you read here is "opinions" Ride your own ride!!!
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    Sorry to hear about your brother....
    As for finding a bike...go to your local dealer and sit on the bikes....all of them...for a long will know which one suites you.
    Take the the to riders....basiclly, get the bug and it will all come together.
    Good Luck....:clap