Join TrailOut Team: Dakar Desert Challenge

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by TrailOut, Jun 9, 2013.

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    May 3, 2013
  2. spektakl

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    May 29, 2011
    Barcelona, Spain
    Nice to read this great news! ;) I'm the spanish official representative of the Dakar Desert Challenge. See you on December en route to Dakar!!! ;)
  3. TrailOut

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    May 3, 2013
    Hi Spektakl!

    Luis told me about you, but I didn't know you were on ADVRider!

    I would like to put together a nice international team! We'll have a lot of fun in the pre-ride days :freaky
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    Apr 19, 2006
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    Ok so lets say Im the ugly obnoxious 'merican'... if I show up with camping gear, gps and riding gear how much $$ do I need to budget for...and I would like to ride the bike back to the start?

    I looked at your site but still didnt quite understand it all. Do we need to carry all our stuff on the bike?

    is this like a group ride and we go at the pace of the group and camp together ?

    will anyone be able to translate to 'merican' cause we are raised so arrogant we think we only need to speak one language? its funny to me that almost every one I have met from another country speaks several languages....we truly are the dumb ones

    road book navigation only or are there tracks to follow?

    is this a road ride or mostly off road or a mix of both?

    I am experienced on off road motorcycles but have always wanted to travel to another continent... maybe this is what i am looking for
  5. TrailOut

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    May 3, 2013
    Hey there Bobzilla!
    The Event (Dakar Desert Challenge) website has a translation bug, they are trying to fix it as we speak.
    Meanwhile you can get some information about this on TrailOut's own website

    Regarding your questions:

    Must I carry stuff on the bike?
    Nay! Only what you need. Everything goes on the support vehicles.
    Besides, our 600cc Adventure bikes won't need extra fuel between checkpoints. :D

    What sort of expedition is this?
    There is a convoy (motorcycles, quads, trucks, 4x4, and so on) with a daily goal (From Ouarzazate to Tata (Morocco), for instance).
    The riders/teams can drive/ride at their own pace or follow the convoy.
    It is not a race, simply an huge adventure where you will have time to ride hard, ride slow, stop and feel the T.I.A. (This Is Africa), get stuck in the sand, take pictures, and so on.
    The support vehicles will be the last on the convoy, to assist whoever gets into trouble.

    Help with translation:
    Sure! I'll call the DDC organization and ask for a translated version of the info.
    Meanwhile feel free to ask us any question! (use the e-mail if you find it easier

    By Track. You can use your GPS or ours, its your call.

    Terrain type:
    This is a mainly off-road expedition. There will be a big paved road section until you get to a certain point in Morocco, from then own is mostly Off-road.

    Here you can see all the details:
    The 2290€ covers almost every cost.
    Whats not included:
    About 350€ worth of Fuel
    About 120€ in VISAS (we pay and deal with most of them, but 2 of them (Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau must be deal with in your own country)
    Around 200€ in "Extras"
    The return of the bike to Portugal. For TrailOut Team Members this will be done by boat with an HUGE discount (other rider will pay 500€, TrailOut team members will pay 250€).
    If you wish to ride back to Portugal, that can be arranged, you can follow the support convoy and other riders that decide to do the same. (We didn't calculate the costs of this option)

    I hope this answered all your questions for now :freaky

    Off-topic :evil
    Don't worry mate, if I had been born in America, England or any other English speaking country I wouldn't bother to learn another language as well.
    In my humble opinion, everyone should speak their native language and English, that way we could all keep our cultural heritage and still understand every other human being in the world.
    The problem is that some people still didn't realize that English is the language of the internet, the software, the holywood (and therefore the Future), and still keep holding to 40 year old statistics like "French is spoken all over Africa" and "Mandarin (Chinese) is spoken by 1/5 of the humans".
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    May 3, 2013
  7. beechum1

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Not home in Tijuana
    Is this still a thing?
  8. Zé


    Apr 19, 2014
    Lisboa - Portugal
    Hey beechum!

    For this year no, the roster is full and no more applications will be accepted, but we do the event every year, this year being its 3rd time. We are counting with 20 bikes from 4 different countries this year, plus the 4x4! Very exciting days as we are T minus 23 days to go!

    if you want to check out the teams for this year, this is the official link

    If you want you can follow everything on our Facebook, we will try our best to keep the news flowing during the event :D