Just got a steal on a 62st

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by SuperMims, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    I have been wanting to purchase a GPS unit for my bike since I bought it, but when I discovered the standard was a GPSmap 60 or 62, I was a little iffy on spending $500 for a 62st since I wanted a new unit. Browsing Craigslist yesterday I found a new in box 62st for $300, so I headed down the road to pick it up, and it was everything the man said it was. He bought it for his son and his son didn't want it, so his loss is my gain. It still had the protective film over the screen. Anyway I was curious as to what road navigation software is the best for it. Should I download the Garmin city navigator for $80 or is there a better one for less? And I really want the bird's eye map, but didn't know if anyone could tell me the difference between the regular bird's eye and bird's eye topo. I also considered downloading the southeast 24k topo maps but then again didn't know if they were worth $130 vs the free already installed 100k topo. And of course I need a mount for it. Can anyone recommend anything better than the ram mount? Thanks for your kindness and patience as I am new to this forum and dual sporting.
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    CN is the standard. Few people ride with Topo, too many lines on small screen but great on PC. However are there any topo lines in Carolina anyway?
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    I use OSM maps in my 62s. I can't say their better than CN, but they are free. I use them to route me around Missouri. Touratech does have a mount for the 62 series. At the moment the RAM mount works for me.

    I'm been quite pleased with the 62s, I installed a 8g Class 4 microSD in it and use it like a USB drive. I store my gps project files and maps there. This allows me to install Garmin Basecamp on two desktops and a netbook and move easily between computers.


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    Oct 19, 2011
    I am dissapointed in the Birdseye subscription. The resolution is terrible in my part of SC. GH