Just traded moto beachcruisers for an XL500, IN DEEP!

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    May 14, 2013
    Hi guys,

    I am glad that I found this forum. Recently I traded 3 motor beach crusiers for a 1982 XL500r.

    I got the bike with out a title. That was my first issue. So I found an on site DMV guy to come mobile verify it for me.

    The jackass before me cut off all the plugs and left me with practically an XR no lights, no ignition, no cluster, no speedometer.

    I need to have the bike light and brake inspected. So I bought the baja designs front light, signals, and rear tighlight.

    I have most of the bike wired up. But I dont know what to do with the wiring that would normally go to the ignition speedo cluster. But I have it all basically figured out, what goes where....

    I need some help finding some parts. Wanted to open this thread up for anyone who is my situation for all the little batlles I go through to get this bike a new plate, and running on the road. It will be my only transportation and I am pretty broke.

    Good thing is though that I work at a Yamaha dealer so I can get aftermarket parts. Any more sources on parts for these bikes.

    Thanks! PICS coming soon.