K1200GT will it explode?

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by yorgo, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I'm not a BMW owner but I've ridden many of them and you know, he's not really too far off with that. I wouldn't say that all others are junk, but when you ride a modern BMW you feel like you could go anywhere in the world. They do have a special feel to them. You have to decide for yoruself if the potential for a costly breakdown is woth it to you or not.
  2. sugarcrook

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    Oct 11, 2008
    I put 16k miles on a 2008 K1200GT and never had a problem. Traded it because I was ready for something different (R1200R). Rode the K to Banff, Death Valley and Utah from NorCal. If it floats your boat, get it.

    Also, let me know if you want a Corbin seat for it. :)
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    I've seen a K1200GT engine on the shelf, rod through the block. Bolts fell out of the rod cap.
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    Ultimately, I think this is the best advice in the whole thread. You can argue back and forth whether they're reliable or worth the risk/money but in the end bikes aren't usually rational purchases. I research motorcycle purchases to death before I buy and I've had many Japanese bikes and now two BMW's. In all cases, the bikes I liked the best, owned the longest, and put the most miles on were the ones that pushed the right buttons.
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    I'm in the same boat as the OP. Looking at a 2004 R1150RT with only 35000kms at the local dealer. Bike looks well looked after and the dealer has gone over it, replaced all the fluids and is including a 30 day warranty. All the talk of FD failures and transmission spline issues has me worried a little. I do trust my dealer, although sh!t happens sometimes. I love the feel of the R engines, I compare it to the feel the HD guys have to their V-Twins. I'm going up tomorrow to have a look at it. Made a huge mistake buying a Ninja two years ago.

    I have had a 2003 3-Series, two MINI Coopers, and still own an '05 and a 2006 X5. I have also had a 2009 G650 X-Country. Love the BMW's and have never had any major problems with any of them, other than a well known power steering pump failure on our '05 Mini. Yes parts are expensive and regular maintenance is little more, but nothing drives like a BMW. If they are well maintained I don't think they are any less reliable than any other bike.

    If you want a change the oil once a year only and forget about everything else go get an ST1300 (great bike BTW, just a little too boring for me).
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    That's the truth. I kept an old sportster longer then I probably should. Loved the simplicity of the bike, the feel, the look, etc... loved it. I do all wrenching myself, including tire mounting, fork seals, clutch packs, etc.. whatever it takes to get it back on the road. BTW the K1200GT is still for sale. Now that I'm back from my ride to OBX I'm going to contact the seller again. I know if I go see the damn thing again I will end up getting it.
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    I'm posting because I'm tired of guys that have never owned or even ridden a BMW forming opinions based on failure posts. My guess is that most major failures wind up vented into an Internet post while the guys (like me) who are perfectly happy and logging tons of miles aren't as likely to post. I racked up 53,000 miles on my BMW touring North America and never had a single problem. Oil changes, valve adjustments and tons of smiles. My BMW experience was fantastic. I got an itch for something different and went to a Honda which I loved for different reasons. Now I'm considering trying another BMW for a while.
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    What I have said was from years of talking to BMW mechanics. My K1100LT has 75, 000 almost trouble free miles , & the RT has 16, 000 trouble free miles. LT is so much fun to ride that's the reason for low miles on the RT.