Kitsap Peninsula Ride-To-Eat

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    Just posted this in a couple of other forums and groups, and thought I'd try to spread the word . . . . :wink:

    Kitsap Airheads invite all fans of BMW airhead motorcycles to our first Ride-To-Eat and “barley therapy” at 7 pm on Wednesday, 23 April, at the Green Light Diner, 18820 Front St in downtown Poulsbo Washington. We’d like to make this is the first of many get-together’s on the Kitsap Peninsula. While we have a special fondness for older BMW’s, aficionados of other BMWs and vintage motorcycles are most welcome!

    The Green Light Diner has been recently renovated and has a retro, cool 1950’s theme, and already hosts groups of car nuts. We should fit right in! :freaky

    For our first get-together at least, I think it would be good to let the Diner know more or less how many folks are coming . . . PM me. (Not a big deal if you don’t; just a courtesy to the Diner . . . ). :ear

    Let’s get together, get acquainted, and have a good time.