Klim Latitude Jacket & Pants - adv / touring shell

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    KLIM is thinking about doing custom sizing...but I think what KLIM needs to do is stop making the sizing based on one of their employees....Edward. :rofl He is a fit not large guy at all. All their pants should be fitted like the Traverse...very comfy and all their jackets should have flexible material in the shoulders and elbows/knees and hip gators on all their jackets too. My 2 cents! :wink:
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    I have ridden well over 7,000 Klms in my Klim and here are my observations.
    At first I had a leaking problem - they exchanged it as it was a week old.
    New one doesn't leak as long as the zippers are kept closed tight. Yes, that sounds obvious but to fully close them you need to tightly grip the zipper and really shove it up into the closure. It can be a little difficult to do for sure.

    The collar has been Okay for me after it broke in. The jacket was very very stiff at first and would chaff my neck with the little fold of material inside the neck. It is folded over backward right at your neck - completely bizarre place for a fold. It took a lot of hours to break it in (perhaps I just got used to it).

    It has room for me to wear layers.

    I hate the Velcro but I feel the same with any jacket. Velcro wears out way too soon - period. Even if I hardly use it it wears.

    I have enjoyed the jacket after it broke-in but as I said it takes a really long time to get to that point. I ride a lot and it took a long time to get the neck thing worked out but now this far down the road, I really like the jacket.

    Happy jacket hunting everyone.

    Oh ya, I have a Scorpion Commander jacket in day glow green for sale. $175. PM me if your interested.
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    I've had my "revised" lighter weight Latitude jacket for a little over 1000mi so far. Right now, I hate it. The sleeves are too long by at least an inch, the collar still cannot be zipped up all the way without impeding the ability to turn my head with helmet on. The collar also needs a snap or Velcro to stash the flap when not zipping up the collar all the way. Who designs this thing? I've owned a handful of other manufactures' jackets and none were this poorly designed.

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    Just returned from two weeks in Baja with a new Latitude Misano jacket. I'm 6'5" and 210 pounds, athletic build. I was on the fence over choosing large or xl, and figured the xl would allow more layers when it gets chilly. Seems like I got it right.

    I like the solid feel of the material, it is substantial and seems strong, but is not "board like". The new material is supposed to be a bit more compliant. I rode a couple of days in rain, and I can call this stuff waterproof, as well as good at blocking wind.

    To my eye, it's a great looking jacket, and I have received some compliments from others as well. It's a bad ass piece of gear.

    I have read that some people find the collar to be irritating, but that was a pretty minor issue for me. I'm tall; perhaps a short neck creates more of a problem. I think that tugging the jacket downward and perhaps opening the little side zips at the hips will help with this, by getting the jacket ( and collar) to sit lower.

    As a tall guy, I'm always a bit concerned over whether sleeves are long enough, particularly in riding position. Klim fits me well, and the length is generous. It takes a few extra seconds to stuff gauntlet gloves inside the sleeves or visa versa, but perhaps that's the cost of weather protection. Wrist length summer gloves are easy.

    My only concern: If I was planning lots of days in temps over 85 degrees, I might consider this too hot a jacket, even with the available venting. If I was going to do South and Central America, I might take a mesh jacket, or ride some days in just a jersey when it gets cranking hot. I know, ATTGATT and all, just musing here.

    It's pricey stuff at about 560.00, but I think that price compares well to other high end gear. More affordable than Motoport, perhaps a bit more than Aerostich, less expensive than BMW, perhaps comparable to high end Revitt.

    I think they might do well to build a jacket with some high vis material as well as the reflective accents, perhaps at the shoulders like Aerostich. The full treatment is just too much, but 30 percent or so would have tempted me.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for the in depth review. It's always great to hear how the gear preforms in different conditions and including the extra information on sizing is also helpful.

    Please keep us posted as you spend more time in the suit!