Knee mill and a lathe

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    Agreed. I work on Bridgeports daily, and they are nice, but so are plenty of other machines. If you can't afford one, don't feel too bad. Most of them have a LOT of miles on them now...
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    I run machines from the 30's to make a living,,whatchoo talking,,old?:1drink
    I have an old Walcott lathe that is older than all of us, bronze bushed headstock spindle!
    I converted from flat belt by grooving the pulleys for a tri-band belt,,it has done more work than any of us can imagine,,and I have used it almost daily for 13 years. OLD?
    scoff smiley here!

    But then,,I'm old,, I still know how to pour babbit bearings,,so,,YMMV!
    Oh,,and uh,,DRO's are for folks who can't do math.
    forget the manual machines with dro,,just get a cnc,,you'll never be a real machinist anyway.,,Ooops,, I think I might have moved yer indicator,,hope you can find zero again,,way in there 3" deep in that inside thread,,:lol3
    Bridgeport is a good machine, wiggle the table side to front, and lift and rock up and down as well. run the table all the way to the limit in both directions and watch for play or any slack. If you crank it all the way to one end and it drops a quarter inch,,,:rofl,,also try to see if the gibs have been adjusted to the max and may need replacement. The knee on the column does not usually suffer much wear, but look at the placement of the gibs on that axis too. Dust is not a deal breaker, but dust leads to rust, and precision relies in the ways. They should be sharp and clean and oiled!
    good luck in yer search!
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    "Old" is a relative term. Importation of Mori Seiki machines didn't begin in the USA until the 1970's, so..old relative to the brand. :D

    We owned and ran a 1916 LeBlonde lathe with babbitt bearings in the early 80's. It had the little brass & glass oilers, leather drive belts that used to be ceiling fed but we converted to rear fed from an AC motor. We used it to make our own hobby parts for race cars and motorcycles. Then we started a job shop with it and could make lower tolerance parts on it, but not very profitably. We sold it to another hobby guy and bought a new lathe within 3-4 months. Night and day difference with accuracy and finishes, but that old beast could move more metal in a single pass!
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    lots of foreskin (oops, foremen) are really impressed by eighth pound blued chunks of metal dropping off, but don't understand "why do you make ground finishes take so long? its just a taper!"

    lol, I miss the metal but none of the stupid.