Kriega US20 vs US30 (NOT combo)

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by TomADV, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. TomADV

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    Just about to get one of these and could so with some input from anyone with either or both. I think I have read almost all the info out there on these but still have a couple of questions from users. I will be using them on my KTM 990 SMT, in combo with the small KTM sidebags. Using it for daily commute as well as a long trip over the summer. Daily it will contain clothes for work, a pair of shoes and an iPad. Of course longer trips a bit more, but at least a sleeping bag, camera equipt, some clothes and cooking equipt. Of course this can be split between the side bags as well.
    Is there any movement from the pack when riding? Is there any overhang over the back of the bike, especially from the 30? Can the bags be mounted horizontally across the seat as well as along the seat?
  2. Ceri JC

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    Both packs are great (I own one of each). The 30 overhangs a bit on most bikes' seats, but not so much that it slides about, looks ugly, or decreases your filtering width. The mounting mechanism on the US-30 is slightly different. Some users prefer it, but I am indifferent, either system works. If you really like the mounting mechanism of the 30, you can buy a converter set for the US-20.

    Have you tried packing your daily commute stuff into an existing 20 litre (or 2x10l) bag, to see if you could fit it all in the US-20? If you can, I'd probably go for the US-20 and augment it with a US-10 for the weekend trips. If it can't all fit, well, looks like the decision has been made for you. :)
  3. levain

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    Its surprising how much stuff will fit in the us20. Still, I wish I would've gone with the us30 for that extra little bit.

    When I bought my kriega kit I got the us40 (1xus20, 2xus10). It's a great setup and so modular you almost can't make a bad decision. In my case, I'll probably buy a us30 for even more flexibility.
  4. Zoolion

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    I have both. The US-30 can fit my 3 person tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag along with my shower kit. The US-30 attachment straps are so much better than the US-20 that Kriega is changing the 20 to be the same as the 30. The US-20 is what i use for daily commuting. For trips I put it on the tank and use the 30 with one or two US-10 bags attached. It is amazing what you can fit in there. I bought the US-40 combo and have used that on both a dual sport and a VFR 750. They are the best soft bags you can buy. The compromise comes in accessibility. The dry bag roll top makes it more work to get stuff in and out.
  5. ADV-Rob

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    I own both and you're gonna get a wonderful kit. The US30 is going to come with the aluminum buckles that you'll be able to affix to your subframe (the new US20 will also come with them). Once you cinch everything down, there will be no movement. I don't see why you couldn't mount it horizontal vs. inline with the bike, it's up to your imagination.

    Once you start combining bags, I will sometimes get movement. For example, I put the US10's on either side of my US30 when on longer trips. If the US10's weigh a little too much (put the heaver items in the middle of the US30) then you can sometimes get some sagging. If you plan how you pack and put light items outboard and heavier items inboard, you'll do just fine.

    Kriega is having a dale right now, you might want to order up!
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    I have the 20 with two US10's mounted on the sides. Its a great bag for trips where you don't need a lot of extra clothing. But if you want to pack a pair of walking around shoes and a change of clothes, I would either go with the 30, or pair the US20 with one of the Kriega Backpacks.

    BTW, I have the Kriga US20 backpack as well. It was the only pack I could find that had shoulder straps that didnt restrict my arms from a full range of motion.

    They make great quality stuff for sure.
  7. ontrip

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    Has anyone mounted a US20 on top of a US30?

    Currently have a US30 and a US10 but find the 10 too small for my rain gear and tire repair kit. Would like to move the 10 to the tank and then add a 20 with my 30 on the seat for longer trips or to use by itself.

    Wondering if the stacked 20 would be stable?
  8. TebKLR

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    It's not what you asked about, but I tried backpacks (admittedly not Kriegas), and find that I'm MUCH happier with a Courier Bag from Aerostich.

  9. alongat

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    I own a US30, 2 x US20s and a US10. On my ktm 1190 adventure, I generally mount the us30 on my rear rack and I have configured all pieces as follows:
    1: us30 with one us20 on each side plus the us10 on top of the us30
    2: us 30 with two us20s stacked vertically with no us10

    Zero issues with stability or reliability - this stuff is literally bulletproof in any configuration. With the one us30 and two us20s stacked vertically, it does get tall but no taller than a short pillion though it seems to be better in the wind with the us20s strapped onto the sides of the us30. I love every piece of Kriega that I own (also have an R35 backpack) - all of it has worked flawlessly even in hard, driving rain for hours on end.
  10. darkstarmoto

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    May 24, 2009
    This is my 20 and 10 stacked on the back of my 690SM (basically the same seat arrangement as OP's bike). Gives you an idea on size. They carried change of cloths for 4 days, my tool roll, spare gloves and some other odds & ends.