KTM 1190 Adventure Power Commander

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    Dec 7, 2010
    Ok, so for any that think that the Multi is faster than the Kato! Or don't want an emissions flat spot, or want it smoother, or want is faster, well Power Commander V is for you!!!

    Yes, yes, yes, all the naysayers (got that from Wild Hogs) say you don't need it or what are you doing that for, or what about this or that, whatever! But if you want more, or just want to do it cause you can, then this is for you! Makes a very very good difference! And that is without even having it dyno tuned yet.......

    Wheelies galore! Out of any corner, on any straight, wherever you want! Sorry have a bit of a wheelie problem! But it is not just about wheelies. Anyone would have thought that this was a super bike not a road trail jigger! (Gets back to realizing what a great bike it is rather than whining about it all the time!)

    Ordered one from Chris at Rottweiler and in no time flat had one on the door step, in Australia!

    Had me mate Kev help fit it up (good bloke) and whoa what a difference, now that is good!!!

    Anyway can't wait until the Rottweiler air box comes out as well! And yes the obligatory no affiliation just appreciation for good service!!!

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