Ktm 690 - throttle body / sensor problem

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    May 13, 2010
    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post and unfortunately is a post to ask the KTM 690 community is someone can give me a help.

    My bike a ktm690 R, year 2010 often decide to detach the THROTTLE BODY from the ENGAIN.

    This is a situation that occurs only on off road and normally (but not always) when I’m slowin down.

    I believe this is the result of sending fuel to the engine when the valves are closed, or, other options, is sending fuel in excess, which results in such a violent return of gases, capable to take out the phalange who join the engine to the throttle body.

    Has anyone experienced this same evil in yours KTM 690R.

    I honestly believe this problem is not isolated and someone already solved it.

    But how? This is the question.

    Until I can show you a small video, the problem seems at least very similar.

    Sorry for this English, I’m not fluent as I’m Portuguese.

    I will thanks you all for your possible contribution.


    All the best
    Pedro BC
  2. PedroBC

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    May 13, 2010

    I think I have put this topic in the wrong place (this is not a V-twin)

    Can anyone put it in its proper place, I think should be in the Thumpers.

    Thanks and sorry.