KTM 990 Adv w/19-17" wheels

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Twitchy issue:
    Im having a twitchy sterring in my 990 ADV. Would like to know about others with this issue for a cure and if they have gone to the 19/17" wheels and has made the bike more or less twitchy. I understand the 21" to 19" being more planted. But I like the 21" alot up front have the scotts damper,21x1.85 DID rim up front. And just need help and some answers!
    I know the BMW F800 gs has this too! Just don't understand this with such a great bike,have change tires also TKC,Conti Trail Attacks,stock.
  2. Peanuts

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    Mine feels very stable with the 19/17 combo. But I do have uprated front springs.
  3. NKL

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    Oct 25, 2011
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    Mine isn't twitchy and I have standard springs.
  4. alongat

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    No twitchiness at all. I am running the 19/17 Alpina setup on a 2012 990 Adventure R with stock suspension and even the stock settings (haven't found the need to change anything). I am running the tubeless setup with Conti Trail Attack IIs in 110/80 and 150/70 out back. I've had my bike to to 200 KPH (124 MPH) without a single glitch.

    With that said, depending on many variables; wheel width, tire brand model and sizes, tire pressure, suspension condition, settings, etc; you may be experiencing some "twitchiness / nervousness" as a result of any or all of the aforementioned plus the fact that with the smaller front wheel you are effectively reducing the trail. I have seen posts by some folks who have stiffened up the front with either springs/etc or simply dialing in their fork settings which have produced good results. Some posts also mentioned twitchiness associated with running 17/17 wheels (even less trail up front) but there are contrasting posts with people who are running 17/17s with nothing adverse as well. I am willing to bet that you can try a number of things in an effort to isolate the source:
    1- confirm your tire pressure (I am running stock pressure settings)
    2- confirm or adjust (aka: make stiffer) your fork adjustment settings to "sport mode" if not done already (look at the sticker under your seat on the seat bottom itself or on the bike's plastics under the seat for settings or even refer to your user manual)
    3- make sure your rear suspension settings are correct and not overly stiff
    4- let us know which rims and tires you are running and when this twitchiness appears (high speed, braking, etc as well as the riding surface when it occurs most; tarmac, dirt, gravel, etc.)
    5- you mentioned a steering stabilizer - Scotts has both off-road as well as road-oriented dampers; not sure which is best suited to your setup and riding and if there is enough flexibility in its settings to adjust, etc.
    6- what was the bike like in the same scenarios prior to the change to 19/17 wheels and when you did switch over to the 19/17s, did you do anything else at that time?

    Let's start with that unless someone else has suggestions...