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  1. Afad

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    Aug 26, 2009
    I have got two potential seller letting go of their Katoom 990A and both bike are 2010 registered. Both have the same 50K km mileage range and selling almost at the same price range. One comes with Leo Vince exhaust system and Safari tank. The other is bone stock. If you were to ask me, i am obviously leaning towards the one with the Xtras. Oh well, cosmetic aside. What to me is important is the engine. Would like to ask you experience guys on what to look for when viewing the bike apart for any leaking parts. Sorry cant find any in the search engine. Kindly help. Cheers.
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    Nov 17, 2006
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    I would buy the one with the smoothest motor . . . Make sure they don't smoke at start up and shift like butter.

    You may have to take cash for the seller to hold while you test ride it. Check the rotors for wear and make sure the clutch works well . . . Doesn't jump forward when putting in gear. Find out the valve and WP history too.

    I prefer a bike is stock when I buy it . . . Less likely messing something up when tuning the pipe etc.

    Good luck