Ktm 990 Adventure R vs Super Enduro

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    Pro log, I could be wrong about the dates here.

    There is a rally in Austria called Erzberg, Its kind of the off road version of the Isle of Man TT. The rally got huge media coverage in 04/05 with the likes of the top US racers competing, i.e. guys like Travis Perstrana who exclaimed they would come over and win the race, he failed on the first two attempts and had to retire cos its too tuff, 500ish start 20 or so finish. You Americans.:rofl

    Anyhow there is an event called the Pro Log which is a 12km race up the side of a mountain, BMW turned up with an 1100 FI bike, KTM response was a 950 carbed LC8 based on their Dakar machine bike in 04 (same motor as 990. LC8). This is all about the time of legislation in Europe that all new road vehicles must meet curtain emission regulations, hence FI; the KTM 990 has always been FI. KTM got a concession to sell the SE with carburettors in limited number in Europe when it was first released in 05/06.

    In 06 the 990 Adv FI was about the same HP as the carbed 950, but if you road both bikes the carbed bike still felt a bit faster. I haven’t ridden the latest Adv but I’ve been told its feels a bit quicker, with 115hp.
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    Yes, my solution was a 690e and a 990 Adv. :D
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    Feb 6, 2011
    Bringing this thread back from the dead... What'd you end up going with? I'm torn just as your were...
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    As stated, and not often enough- Robbinsville, NC.
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    Still reviving this thread. I think the Adventure is a great bike, but just don't like large gas tank and abundance of body work. is it possible to replace the tank with the smaller SE gas tank?
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    I was torn between both but I was offered a 04 KTM 950 ADV S at the right money with loads of extras so went with it as a commuter tourer have fun in the dirt from time to time bike. Cann't stop smiling and as long as it doesn't give trouble it'll be my bike for years to come, butttttttttttttttttttttt. I've started saving for an addition to my insurance policy. :D It'll be a year or so though but an SE will join the ADV S for days when I just want to rip it up.
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    :poser:poserThat's funny. My wife would like that, more rest stops to get gas.
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    love this thread as I own both a adv and an se. plus the 530. just need em all. correctly set up the se does do it all.
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    No. SE can be use as Adventure, but not replace 530. SE (like adventure) is still a pig at the end of the day. But it would also depend on you as a rider and where you ride. Somewhere like Moab the SE doesn't come close to a 530, somewhere like Baja or maybe death valley, it does.
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    I had the pleasure of riding an SE and a 2006 Adventure S back to back several times yesterday while testing suspension. Both bikes featured our Öhlins 277 kits, so sliders and ride height where very similar. Riding was limited to stretches of 3' whoops and sand washes. Its shocking how much more confidence inspiring the SE is. The lower weight and lower center of gravity the SE brings really changes the bike dynamics. And yes, the SE actually has a significantly lower center of gravity when compared to the Adv. Not sure how the rumor of it being higher got started...

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/powercell/9489455628/" title="photo by PowerCell, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3727/9489455628_1d8ae0abf8_c.jpg" width="800" height="600" alt="photo"></a>

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    The steering angle on the SE makes it turn way easier compared to my buddies ADV. Great picture Ken and I am loving the tank. About to test it in Baja for a second time in October.
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    Sure it's possible. Get back to us after you do it :lol3
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    I too am grateful for this thread. Here it is 2013 (nearly 2014 !) and we're still recognizing the greatness that is the 950 SE.
    That really says something.

    I've got a 2011 Adv, and love it - but came across a 2009 Erzberg SE with all the right farkles, and jumped on it.
    IMHO - there's no comparison re the handling off road - and thats my focus.

    For those of us with a taste for these behemoths, the SE will likely never be matched, and hence is truly something to be sought after/acquired/cherished !

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    I've mentioned my sentiments on this many times before... how unrewarding KTM must have felt after releasing the SE to an uninterested buying public. My crazy perspective is they were just too far ahead, yet released the SE too close to the newly committed 950 Adventure market.

    I constantly say to myself about the SE... "WOW, what a F@$king machine." Unfortunately it was released two some years after I had already began my 950 Adventure personalization. And an SE simply would not be "practical" to the stable behind it's conservative brethren. If I was smart I would have dumped the Adventure long ago for the SE. But the Adventure revealed a hidden side that I was not expecting... a fantastic pavement prowess, that has allowed me to expand it's use to weekday commuting. Wholly sh*t, who would have thunk?

    Few people have the proper time to dedicate to both of these bikes and under one roof. I envy the man who can. But I'm sure I feel the same as those KTM SE designers regarding the lack of success that bike had to the general public... "it was the one success that simply "got away."
  15. Two Moto Kiwis

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    We are loving ours, although we are not serving it up what is can truly take it makes the smaller offroad sections we do and the multiple gravel road sections a breeze two and house and contents.

    She will be a high mileage and battered lady when we get home, if I could buy a new one now and send it back to NZ I would do it in a heart beat :clap