KTM 990 bags are JUNK!

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    How do you fill the water jacket?
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    Like I said, I don't think the Gobi's are bad bags, just that the Jeese's are better, much better. The water jacket is just a gimmick if you ask me, pain in arse to fill, pain in the arse to empty.
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    When you open the side Gobi. you will see two circular rubber plugs. pull both of them, one to fill and the other to vent and speed up filling. This will only really work if you buy the fuel petcocks and mount them to the front of the bags. The o-ring that comes with it is trash, get a thicker o-ring to seal it. Yes it is a pain in the ass if you in a hurry. but if you want to have an extra 2 liters of water or jameson per bag and dont have much space then this is the trick.

    And I do like the Gobi's a lot. The aluminum panniers look nice and all but Im not comfortable with those with actuall off roading. the gobis may crease a little and have some skuff marks but still work great and are able to open and close at the end of the day. plus mine came with the bike:evil. And if you do plan on wheeling with panniers carry two ratchet straps that are about 1" 1 1/2" thick. So if the latch breaks those will hold em on. or you can strap broken parts to your bike, or tow your buddy if need be, or to throw in a truck or trailer if you break down. Ive needed ratchet straps for all of those scenarios.

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    Chris if you stop by my house on your trip I will let you use my couch.:lol3 :rofl
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    Two people on this topic have said that the bags are suppose to break off with hard impact.


    Thats like saying my front rim is suppose to crush on a hard impact.

    If the competition of these bags advertise that you can pick up a car with there bags. And no other companies have there bags fall off. Then that is a stupid design for an adventure bike.

    I don't think the real adventure guy traveling thru Africa or South America has room to bring extra straps for when there boxes fall off.

    Then after they break off you don't have a lock. How many boarder crossing until the bag is stolen?

    Your riding thru Ethiopia your bag breaks off. No worries you have been carring 2 straps for the 3 years waiting for this day :clap. You will just order a new latch. Your computer is in that bag so you must lock it. You wait 5 weeks for my new lack to get thru custom then to get to the village I'm in. It's ok you have nothing but time. hmmm, now I need a drill and a drill bit. SHIT they forgot to send me new rivets. Does this make any sense to anyone?