KTM 990 Insurance Rates

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  1. trainman

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    May 6, 2007
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    Just wondering what the insurance rates were on a 990 Adventure. The reason I ask this is that I had a Suzuki 650 V-Strom that I thought the rates where high, but purchased a BMW 1200 GSA and the rate was less and it's a bike that is three times the value. OK, I found out that Progressive rates the 650 V-Strom as a sport bike and that's the reason for higher rates where as, BMW's are old farts bikes and even at a higher value the BMW losses are less. My question is, what class does the KTM 990 fall into and what are the rates for most owners. Oh, by the way, I'm an old fart with a perfect driving record.

  2. Narsisco Lopez

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    Insurance rates are going to vary from location to location and from driver to driver. But, as a reference, full coverage (Colorado Front Range area, $200 deduct. collision/comp) for my 2009 990 is about the same as what I was paying for my 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600.
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    Coupla notes:

    Progressive. I know opinions vary, but I would quit riding before they see a penny from me. Got smacked by someone insured by progressive and their subsequent actions were outright illegal. "Send us your signed title and we will send out an adjuster and determine if there are any payable damages." How many little old ladies fall for that one? When called on it, was told both that it was their standard practice and that it was an error by an assistant. Crooked, crooked, crooked. It got worse. Never.

    As above, it's almost impossible to compare what folks are paying with what your coverage will cost YOU. Deductible, location, etc all play a part. It's best to just take a little time and call your agent for a quote or two and then shop that around locally.

    That said, I'm 47, in rural California, clean record. Current full-coverage quote on the 2010 990 is $268/year.

  4. MortimerSickle

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    I guess everyone has different experiences. I got smacked by someone with Progressive, and even though no damage was done to my vehicle, they called me, and payed me $50 just to look at it.

    I have my 950, and two other bikes insured with Progressive. For liability and $3000 coverage for accessories, they charge me $75 per year per bike.
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    Sep 8, 2007
    I'm with Progressive through USAA, 67, clean driving record, 2010 990-A plus two other bikes. $259/yr. in Arkansas. However, the 2012 Honda CBR 600 is $1,245/yr. The '04 Honda XR650L is $197/yr.

    Good luck with your search for coverage.
  6. JackUnion

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    Aug 31, 2009
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    I just purchased a new 2011 990 adv in Sept. Just added it to my existing policy with Co-operators insurance. Came across this thread ,had a look for curiosity and it prompted me to have a look at exactly what I was paying.
    1000000 third party liability - 1000 deductible on collision - 500 deductible on comprehensive = total premium for this vehicle 676. I am 45 no accidents, no claims, class 1 license . Have had motorcycle lic since I was 16. 95 harley springer ( i have never rode by the way and is for sale :huh ) 421 a year no collision coverage, just PL&PD and comprehensive coverage. Everything costs more in Canuckistan , bikes, cell plans, insurance, housing, beer. But we get free (:puke1 shitty healthcare) . Life is otherwise great in Canuckistan...........For now:wink:
  7. Pussboy

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    When I first insured my 2011 990 ADV R, the cost was comparable with the Harley I replaced. I noticed that it was listed as a Super Duke on my policy. Once I called them and straightened that out, my rate dropped considerably. I have my home, car and motorcycles insured with the same company. That gets me a discount on all 3 policies.
  8. KTMandu

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    Sep 11, 2007
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    I'm with Foremost Insurance. Won't do business with Progressive.
    Just paid $312.00 for my 06 950 A. $25K/$50K w/$500 deductible
  9. r1200mike

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    Aug 30, 2006
    I have an 07 GSA and my ins. thru bikeline is $170 per year. I called them to see what it will cost for a 990, $670 per year? I called last month and spoke to another rep it was quoted at $500 per year. I have no accidents or tickets 45 yrs old and riding since I was 4. Mike
  10. Tee2

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    Oct 20, 2009
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    When I got my Adv 990 we had our cars (four) and house with West Bend. I called the agent to add the bike. Got a call about two weeks later that the bike wasn't covered and I asked why? She gave me a number to call to find out. So I called and asked why they wouldn't insure the KTM. I was told it's because "KTM's are race bikes" we don't insure bikes for racing.

    I thought I would have a little fun with the lady and asked if they insure Harleys? She said sure they are made in WI and that is where we are. I said "but they are made for driving from bar to bar. I wouldn't think insuring drunk riders would be a good idea". It was quit for a few seconds then she asked if there is anything else she could help me with?
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    my USAA dont insure bikes directly anymore and after i sold my harley, they put me through progressive as a underwriter .. Abololutely HATE them and thier practices .. You choose your coverage you sign your contract you pay your fees .. And every month since they have tried to double my rates because i didnt sign another waiver they come up with after i signed and paid for my coverage in full for whole year ..

    This is a every month battle since i got them in July .. They keep pulling if i didnt sign this waiver it means i meant i wanted it so keep adding it to premiums ... Its getting old now very old ,i miss USAA ..
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    My 08 GSA was $35 more a year than my 07 990. 38 years old w a few fast driving awards. None of which were my fault...:)