KTM Adventure front guard

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    Jan 10, 2011
    Just took the new KTM to Cameron's Corner from Sydney last week. All great on the dirt except when you hit thick mud the front guard shatters from the build up of mud between it and the tyre. My mate on his KTm990 was fine, well the guard did not break as its made from a more rubbery material and so it just locked the front wheel. At the slow crawl through the mud this was preferable.

    At least we could stop and remove his guard , clean it and refit it after the mud section.

    On the Adventure however this left the radiator etc totally exposed to mud and rocks from the front wheel. 20 min work with a leatherman and I had carved out a new rad guard from the old mud guard a zip tied it to the crash bars. Now this bit of bush mechanics worked fine ( for the next 1500km ) but KTM seem to have gone backwards with the material/design of this model compared to the more dirt oreinetated 990
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    There is a simple set of fender rises that I's sure I saw on touratech's site.

    Basically it looked like 4 short bars and some extra nuts and bolts.